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Download Free Games For PC
Build the best circus in the country!
Help Kwazi restore peace and harmony in the world!
Enjoy classical Mah Jong spiced up with new features!
Travel with Kwazi 72 years back and balance his destiny with a mah jong desk!
Perform the Hero's journey to Terra Incognita!
Become a star in the new TV-show and provide your clients with fresh products!
Help Lisa with her farm life and become the superstar!
Become a hero and rescue a far-away island!
Help the neighbors return the former glory of their lands!
Restore the ruined land and banish the evil Miru!
Help Iris find her parents selling magnificent flowers!
Choose the route and start your truck challenge!
Become a famous gardener and fulfill tasks of the fairy-tale characters!
Solve the most mystical layouts you've ever seen!
Help Iris and her dragon Robin find the girl's parents!
Build one of the world's most famous cathedrals!
Forget about everything but the race!
Provide the clients with the perfect holiday service!
Play the amazing mix of football and billiards!
Take part in the awesome tropical adventure for the bravest!
Enjoy the colorful locations of Asia and become the guru of mahjong!
Save a professor finding an antidote from the werewolf’s curse!
Collect all the evidence and find out the cruel criminal!
Immerse into the fascinating world of mahjong!
Save the mysterious island and its citizens from unknown disease!
Make the hearts of the similar people beat with love!
Find all the symbols and get the answers to your questions!
Prove that you are a perfect architect!
Be the architect of one of the world's most famous monuments!
Make a journey to 6 fantastic realms and get ready to use magic!
Help Maria set her beloved free from the world of the dead!
Rack your brains and enjoy a great logic game!
Help an ambitious journalist in her own investigation!
Learn powerful spells by matching the rows of artifacts!
Help Miriel start her magic business and copy with her everyday duties!
Help Jane solve the puzzle of her dream!
Help the famous matchmaker remove the curse of celibacy!
Find the evidence and help famous detective writer to investigate the murder!
Find all the pieces of the most famous cookbook ever!
Upgrade the farm and become the prosperous farmer!
Defeat the cunning wizard and return the magical artifact!
Become a real detective in the breathtaking game Mountain Crime: Requital!
Solve all the griddlers to save kidnapped heroes!
Cope with all the mahjong levels and help father wolf find his sonny!
Enjoy the captivating bright arkanoid and escape from everyday routine!
Stop the wicked necromancer from getting immortality!
Help the eccentric inventor create the machine to restore the kingdom!
Enjoy the bright design while playing a solitaire game!
Return peace and harmony to the world immersed in chaos!
Earn the right to call yourself the most powerful Capoeira fighter!
Reach eternal happiness matching the tiles on the board!
Accept the challenge and become the best racer!
Unmask the criminals and save the queen from the sinister plot!
Pluck up all your courage to face monsters and zombies!
Set out an amazing journey to the East!
Get friends with fairy tale creatures from the ancient legends!
Destroy the enemy base and complete the secret mission!
Delve into the depths of the subconscious!
Save the underwater world from an evil Octopus!
Accompany Julia in her strange but remarkable adventure to the hidden fortune!
The crime has happened: look for the meaningful objects to find the killer!
Play Mahjong, explore the mysterious island and find forsaken treasure!
Join Momo in the first episode of an epic adventure and save his tribe!
Delete unnecessary files and clean up you disk space.
Overcome lots of obstacles and save the beautiful princess!
Help the brave mole collect all the diamonds!
Learn to drive a motorbike and become a real racer!
Clear the game board without exploding mines!
Set bright butterflies free!
Help the young wizard return peace in the kingdom!
Accompany small Mech in his adventures!
Brace yourself to lots of obstacles while looking for the missing sisters!
Use magic spells and hold off attacks of hostile spiders!
Stop the evil witch and help the elves in the breathtaking Mahjong game.
Celebrate Christmas and enjoy mahjong!
Survive on the deserted island!
Enjoy the marvelous mahjong game in a romantic atmosphere!
Become a well-known trader on Mars and become incredibly rich!
It's time to learn your first magic spells!
Let Magic Tale enchanted you by its fabulous charms!
Jump in the mall-sales business and learn how to make money in Mall-a-Palooza!
Defeat naughty caterpillars and big mushrooms and find the treasures!
Stay alive and sane surrounded by your dead walking neighbors!
Manage your ball carefully to pass all the levels!
Extraordinary adventure of a cat looking for treasures hidden in the labyrinth!
Clean the way for a car that moves collecting coins!
Feed Max-the-Frog in the pond full of dangers!
Evade the police posts and become the fastest driver!
Save one garden and the whole world from the alien invasion!
Try this captivating game and combine the same crystals together!
Connect all the elements in the long thread!
Punish the evil hunter and restore harmony in the monkey's world!
Have fun in the exciting car racing ever!
Improve your attention and vocabulary solving complicated puzzles!
Play one of the most popular version of the billiards right now!
Eliminate all the balls' chains to drink a cup of magic tea!
Win the battle with the aliens with the help of your intelligence!
Develop your patience, self-control and accuracy with a game of golf!
Dive into the catching world of card house building!
Protect the tower from the fierce attacks of spooky creatures and stay alive!
Use the magical elixirs wisely and evade the final exam!
Match all combinations of tiles and get lavish gifts from the royal family!
Become the best player and an expert in the exciting mahjong game!
Defend your ancestral castle and defeat the invaders!
Survive in the world full of disasters and help the piglets avoid death!
Don't leave your rivals a single chance to win the world contest of mahjong!
Put monsters of the same colour in groups of four!
Work in your own shop: help customers choose and buy goods!
Train to become a wizard: work, have a rest and prepare for the adventures!
Prepare your model for the fashion show: choose clothes and create modern looks!
Clear the sky from invaders in the awesome missions!
Join 2 soviet cosmonauts in their attempt to escape and fix a spaceship!
Explore thrilling offroad routes with your powerful car!
Put all symbols together to solve the ancient mystery!
Develop your logic skills and find the main character’s missing sisters!
Find 5 magic crystals and restore the power of the mighty scepter!
Enjoy the game of golf whenever and wherever you want!
Look for matches and swap gems in order to clear the background!
Save the underwater world from an evil Octopus!
Develop Mars and make it a perfect place for living!
Solve colorful patchwork puzzles and save magical creatures!
Make the dream about a small farm come true!
Manage your restaurant and become a world-famous chef!
Build up your corporate empire on Mars and join the war!
Plunge into the mystical and fairy-tale world!
Explore amazing worlds and unleash your imagination!
Collect all the hockey teams and improve your skills!
Cure your way through the quirkiest and funniest diseases!
Destroy all green-skinned villains to open the cage with the captive!
Explore a mysterious city and solve the mystical layouts!
Accept the challenge for racing in rain and snow, day and night!
Help reunite the royal family!
Banish the evil forces and prove your superiority!
Have fun while matching the rows of treasures!
Get ready to turn a small city into the huge criminal empire!