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Free Mahjong Games
Build a wonderful Chinese city and save the Emperor's son!
Complete over 100 unique levels to gain experience and points!
Complete lots of layouts to become the master of mahjong!
Plunge into the magic of the traditional Christmas story during this wintry night!
Enjoy the pack of 5 exciting games!
Welcome to the stunning world of 3D mahjong right now!
Enjoy lots of mahjong puzzles stored in one place!
Enjoy the eerie Halloween mahjong layouts!
Win all the trophies in a Halloween mahjong contest!
Help a scientist repair a time machine and find his way home!
Calm the ancient gods down and become the master of mahjong!
Help Kwazi restore peace and harmony in the world!
Enjoy classical Mah Jong spiced up with new features!
Travel with Kwazi 72 years back and balance his destiny with a mah jong desk!
Become a business shark with the game Mahjong Business Style!
Celebrate Christmas and enjoy mahjong!
Remove Mahjong tokens and travel to a distant island!
Set out an amazing journey to the East!
Immerse into the fascinating world of mahjong!
Enjoy the colorful locations of Asia and become the guru of mahjong!
Rack your brains and enjoy a great logic game!
Match all combinations of tiles and get lavish gifts from the royal family!
Help reunite the royal family!
Take part in Mahjong competition and play the game of your life!
Dive into a pile of golden tiles!
Enjoy the marvelous mahjong game in a romantic atmosphere!
Cope with all the mahjong levels and help father wolf find his sonny!
Reach eternal happiness matching the tiles on the board!
Exercise your attention with the excellent game of mahjong!
Visit a lot of magnificent locations to play mahjong!
Brace yourself and see the wonderful places of mysterious Asia!
Dive into the breathtaking Eastern atmosphere of mystery!
Save the City of Magic Cards and remove the curse!
Find yourself in the centre of a mysterious celebration in Spooky Mahjong!