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Myplaycity Freecell Solitaire
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Myplaycity Freecell Solitaire

Myplaycity Freecell Solitaire is an upgraded and a better version of the game we are familiar with. It's been improved in the design and options to make the game process more relaxing and enjoyable! There you are given 8 columns of cards and you are obliged to put them into 4 cells in a limited period of time. All the moves should be carefully thought over. Otherwise you won't succeed! Myplaycity Freecell Solitaire is a timed-mode game with miscellaneous puzzling combinations - so rack your brains, but don't wrack them! You have to remember before you start that all the cards are in a hierarchy in the column. That's why in your cells they should also be placed in a specific order. First go the major ones, then the minor. Don't forget about that! Then you have to follow the color order - black cards are put after red ones and vice versa. So all in all your cards must be reorganized and placed in the descending order with no repeated colors. Rules are simple, the clock is ticking - what are you waiting for? Myplaycity Freecell Solitaire will let you revel in the beautifully designed background game with easy scoring and a timed mode. After you accomplish first task you are able to see the result which is right there on the screen. If you finish fast you also get the remaining time bonus. Get involved and become a real solitaire professional! Enjoy this free intellectual game which won't let you indifferent. When you gain enough skill you can try a multiplayer competition which may become more thrilling and fascinating for you as a player!