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Free Brain Teaser Games
Travel to the United States with a marvelous game!
Reveal the magnificent nature pictures!
Discover amazing landscapes, flora and fauna!
Put the big ball to the platform and move it so that it doesn't fall down!
Build a wonderful Chinese city and save the Emperor's son!
Assemble all the puzzles and unlock the worlds of Wonderland!
Help the main character find all the amber stones in the caves!
Help young and brave Anka find his missing parents!
Reveal the grave mystery and try to save the main character from death!
Complete the pictures of the creatures and let the summer come back!
Be brave and clever and don't let your planet become the ice kingdom!
Enjoy numerous levels of captivating puzzles!
Control the dreadful scarabs to reveal the secrets of Egyptian pyramids!
Solve all riddles and gain the Asian wisdom!
Solve all nonograms and become the best player!
Show your mastery to the Eastern wise ones!
Enjoy lovingly detailed comic-style underwater worlds and awesome dialogues!
Unravel the mystery of Atlantis in the unforgettable journey!
Build a beautiful planet!
Go back in time on a mission to help the Aztecs to solve an ancient mystery!
Prove you are the most successful barman in the city!
Put beads in the right place and don’t let the pipe get full!
Save resources in the most strategic locations!
Shoot at colorful electricity-eating beetles to prevent an infestation!
Join heroic deeds of a bug with funny weapon saving the territory from monsters!
Help the brave bug overcome the obstacles in his new adventure!
Gather all the children of Beetle Bug together and bring them back home!
Move like a tiger as you take on never-ending chains of 3D colored balls!
Enjoy the brain training game, put all your skills to the test, and get smarter!
Excise your logical abilities and do your best playing with the cubes!
Turn a modest boy into a great warrior!
Clear away all magical glyphs and try to guess all ancient mysteries!
Get ready for the greatest adventure this Halloween!
Enjoy the game Bubble Zoo 2 and have fun!
Combine the words out of the letters to show the aliens the beauty of the Earth!
Feel the danger of the criminal's life in the stunning adventures!
Don't leave Carl alone against all the monsters and challenges on his way!
Help Carl find the stolen X-mas gifts!
Complete lots of layouts to become the master of mahjong!
Assemble the collection and set the little ghosts free!
Solve unique puzzles in Christmas world contest and win a prize!
Return Christmas atmosphere and solve lots of challenging griddlers!
Plunge into the magic of the traditional Christmas story during this wintry night!
Complete puzzles to find the pieces of the broken amulet!
Enjoy the pack of 5 exciting games!
Unchain the birds from traps and collect all the precious artifacts!
Help birds and cats find home among the stars!
Clean up the mess, find a pair for every object!
Clean up the mess, find a pair for every object!
Reach all the goals to win in the awesome game!
Become the Creator and rearrange the Earth!
Build as high brick tower as you can imagine!
Put wooden boxes on marked spots only by pushing them!
Play Cubez in a new way: make lines of them, find the exit and finish the level!
Win all the medals and challenge yourself in the special Hardcore mode!
Follow the schemes to put the cubes in the right order!
Group cubes to get out of traps in Cubozoid!
Visit the Hell and help merry monsters to become the champions this year!
Collect all the jewels and rescue the Runics!
Protect the independence of Egypt!
Boost your tactic skills and save Greece!
Help the Roman Legion to defend against the barbarians from Britain!
Build various constructions which consist of incredible blocks!
Uncover crimes while solving nonograms!
Are you ready to solve the most magical case ever?
Visit the magical world and investigate the mysterious crime!
Gather a huge collection of bright jewels with a nice little mole!
Help Gary the mole to pave his road to success and into the heart of Angela!
Turn to the prehistoric era and banish the hordes of dinosaurs!
Help Doctor Smith fight the nasty viruses!
Put different fragments together to get the awesome picture!
Combine elements to get new ones and start the evolution!
Unleash your inner god and create the world!
Combine elements to discover the world!
Take a unique chance to save the Chinese civilization from the cruel ruler!
Travel to exotic islands and play unknown types of solitaire!
Make nice pictures by solving challenging griddlers!
Explore 6 Egyptian wonders and solve puzzles to get precious trophies!
Plunge into the mysterious world of Egypt!
Connect pieces of wire into a closed electrical circuit to light the city!
Help Elias the Mighty capture a terrible criminal and save his beloved horse!
Lift the magical fog and wake the elves, entrapped by enchanted flower buds!
Bring back the light into a world of elves, fairies and gnomes!
Explore Aunt Bea’s house to sell items you don’t like!
Free the fairies from an evil wizard and bring them back to fairyland!
Join the young adventurer to the magical land and free the fairy dwellers!
Cope with numerous griddlers and help the girl find her parents!
Solve enchanted mosaics and open up magic books!
Return the destroyed kingdom its glory and remove the spells from the Beast!
Hurry up and get to the ball before the wicked sisters do!
Explore fascinating worlds and let your imagination fly free!
Run the trendiest boutique in town to keep your customers looking stylish!
Explore six picturesque islands to find Captain Flint's lost treasures!
Solve all riddles and get awesome trophies!
Defeat an old witch – solve the puzzles and take all the candies!
Solve all the puzzles in a tricky game Fill # Cross. World Contest!
Immerse into the Christmas atmosphere again while solving griddlers!
Solve all the puzzles and get Halloween trophies.
Enjoy eerie Halloween and solve all the nonograms!
Open a fish shop and make your business flourish!
Defeat a virtual opponent and become the best player!
Become a fairy who can open the door to the magic town!
Help the little fairy move the flowers very carefully!
Become a fairy yourself and make the world better!
Turn football into FootLOL with traps and tricks galore!
Vanquish all the enemies and defeat your fortress!
Explore eastern locations to complete the puzzles!
Create the best cheese tower and win the contest!
Check whether you can beat the unleashed geeks yourself!
Protect the garden from the irritating insects using the tricky devices!
Stop the invasion of insects and protect your garden!
Defeat cunning insects and save Christmas!
Feel the power of secret magic!
Develop your strategy skills and beat off the hordes of monsters!
Help Shinee save the universe from the impending darkness!
Raise the stakes, bluff with the best and look good while you do it!
Become a stunning tactician while winning the chess games!
Reveal the secrets of the dark ages right now!
Find the key to the most famous enigma of the humanity!
Explore the island full of the otherworldly creatures and solve all the puzzles!
Travel to the sea paradise and rack your brains!
Travel into the past to solve exciting puzzles!
Live a life of a courageous pirate right now!
Enjoy the challenging griddlers in the amazing logic game!
Enjoy breathtaking adventures in the Victorian era!
Enjoy the eerie Halloween mahjong layouts!
Win all the trophies in a Halloween mahjong contest!
Enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the dark magic!
Start celebrating Halloween right now!
Rack your brains and enjoy the bewitching Halloween atmosphere!
Solve the riddles of a hideous kidnapping!
Protect chickens from the cunning cobra!
Enjoy 500 jigsaw puzzles in the lovely game Holiday Jigsaw 2. Halloween.
Celebrate Halloween with numerous ravishing puzzles!
Start your Merry Christmas by playing relaxing jigsaw puzzle game!
Match all fragments of a puzzle in the correct order to get a picture!
Assemble all jigsaw puzzles and become the best player!
Enjoy 500 jigsaw puzzles and celebrate Easter!
Match the colorful puzzles in the Halloween-themed jigsaw game!
Recall the reminiscences about Thanksgiving Day!
Unforgettable Halloween adventure is waiting for you!
500 amazing jigsaw puzzles of the holiday game will keep you engaged for hours!
Feel the atmosphere of the most romantic holiday!
Match lots of romantic jigsaw puzzles to celebrate the Valentine's Day !
Celebrate the Valentine’s Day and solve jigsaw puzzles!
Celebrate Easter with amazing themed jigsaw puzzles!
Match the pairs of the same cards to get Easter rewards!
Help Santa find the items he needs on Christmas Eve!
A home design game where you will create fabulous designs for clients!
Try your hand at interior design in the all new sequel!
Christmas spirit of people has faded away and it’s up to you to help them out!
Help Felicity and Mr. Bones to earn money for their wedding!
Defeat all your rivals to get enough information to your company!
Enjoy a unique match 3 gameplay in Ice Puzzle Deluxe!
Immerse in the astonishing puzzle adventure throughout 60 challenging levels.
Discover the puzzle game together with the whole family!
Destroy hostile machines to save the planet!
Place your steampunk machines to win the battle against robots!
Get ready for a sea battle, defend your fort!
Destroy the enemy fleet and defend your fort from merciless attacks!
Match mysterious tiles to find the Mayan treasure!
Master the Jewel Board and let love overcome all the dangers!
Create the pictures from your own family album with your own hands!
Assemble a picture from puzzle elements!
Assemble the colorful pictures and become the jigsaw expert!
Find yourself in a different world full of happy moments and discoveries!
Check your attention in the game and put all the pieces together!
Take the challenge and try to create the whole picture out of unusual pieces!
Enjoy the colorful spring jigsaw puzzles!
Complete lots of amazing puzzles to get smarter!
Travel around the world and enjoy the most beautiful views!
Visit unique and exotic places all over the world!
Visit the most beautiful cities in the world!
Put all the pieces together to get a beautiful picture!
Explore secret locations with Joan Jade!
Restoring the order at Joe's farm!
Make stylish outfits as you show your fashion sense on runways around the world!
Help Jojo storm back onto all the runways from New York to Milan.
Join the sparkling world of flashlights, great clothes and famous designers!
Enjoy marvelous game combining and destroying various lines!
Create the chains of cubes and remember your childhood!
Join Julia in her wonderful trip to various places around the United Kingdom!
Help a scientist repair a time machine and find his way home!
Save the tribe by controlling a powerful statue with magical powers!
Reveal the true facts about Kate's life which are a mystery even for her!
Find yourself in the magical land of keywords!
Win the royal solitaire tournament and get the grand prize!
Welcome to the medieval world and save the kingdom!
Complete 120 levels to become the greatest knight!
Learn a new way to play chess: become a part of the army to beat the enemies!
Eliminate stacks of colored blocks at the base of a fiery volcano!
Complete the ancient mechanical conundrum of the known greatest inventor.
Calm the ancient gods down and become the master of mahjong!
Boost your logic and return Franken-Stitch his lost head!
Stop the evil witch and help the elves in the breathtaking Mahjong game.
Find all the symbols and get the answers to your questions!
Solve all the griddlers to save kidnapped heroes!
Eliminate all the balls' chains to drink a cup of magic tea!
Use the magical elixirs wisely and evade the final exam!
Help Kwazi restore peace and harmony in the world!
Enjoy classical Mah Jong spiced up with new features!
Celebrate Christmas and enjoy mahjong!
Remove Mahjong tokens and travel to a distant island!
Set out an amazing journey to the East!
Immerse into the fascinating world of mahjong!
Enjoy the colorful locations of Asia and become the guru of mahjong!
Rack your brains and enjoy a great logic game!
Match all combinations of tiles and get lavish gifts from the royal family!
Take part in Mahjong competition and play the game of your life!
Enjoy the marvelous mahjong game in a romantic atmosphere!
Cope with all the mahjong levels and help father wolf find his sonny!
Dive into the catching world of card house building!
Overcome lots of obstacles and save the beautiful princess!
Win the battle with the aliens with the help of your intelligence!
Defend your ancestral castle and defeat the invaders!
Help the brave mole collect all the diamonds!
Clear the game board without exploding mines!
Play the amazing mix of football and billiards!
Develop your patience, self-control and accuracy with a game of golf!
Collect all the hockey teams and improve your skills!
Enjoy the game of golf whenever and wherever you want!
Join 2 soviet cosmonauts in their attempt to escape and fix a spaceship!
Return peace and harmony to the world immersed in chaos!
Get friends with fairy tale creatures from the ancient legends!
Explore amazing worlds and unleash your imagination!
Solve colorful patchwork puzzles and save magical creatures!
Improve your attention and vocabulary solving complicated puzzles!
Appease the gods of Ancient Egypt in this remarkable brain-bender.
This is one of the best colorful hidden object games with interactive levels and mini games.
Explore a mysterious city and solve the mystical layouts!
Plunge into the mystical and fairy-tale world!
Solve the most mystical layouts you've ever seen!
Collect all the evidence and find out the cruel criminal!
You have only 72 hours to find the professor - use them wisely!
Reveal all the secrets searching even in the darkest corners of the rooms!
Help the wolf find his lost son!
Boost your memory playing with numbers!
Solve all puzzles and become the best player!
Match the balls of the same color on the board in Oriental Dreams!
Best a dragon with your logic skills in this exciting checkers game.
Become a successful manager of a pageant school!
Explore the worlds and find out what happened to the Mermaid!
Explore the world and discover new recipes for sweet treats!
Start your ideal holiday with Picross: Beach Paradise!
Search for pirate treasures or enjoy the sea cruise!
Help pirates find the Captain Flint’s incredible treasures!
Become the bravest sailor and find the pirates' treasure!
Win card duels and get a royal reward from Her Majesty!
Get the old treasure map to become incredibly rich!
Join PJ in her detective work and get the pets back to their owners!
Defeat all the robots which try to travel from one portal to another!
Upgrade the turrets, buy modern facilities and resist the hostile invasion!
Send the rubber men towards the target and try to reach it the soonest possible!
Twist colorful spheres with a special wheel and form various figures!
Search for the rarest masks and please the countess!
Start as an assistant in magic but become a powerful magician!
Strengthen the kingdom's defense and beat off all attacks of the enemies!
Defend your lands from the monstrous invasion!
Defend the fortress as trolls are here to raid your lands!
Assemble a picture from the puzzle elements in Royal Jigsaw!
Visit a lot of magnificent locations to play mahjong!
Solve the intricate riddles and get the key from the unique king's treasury!
Brace yourself and see the wonderful places of mysterious Asia!
Dive into the breathtaking Eastern atmosphere of mystery!
Enjoy 120 exciting nonograms in a Christmas setting!
Clear away all the magical hieroglyphs and find the legendary golden pyramid!
Defeat an evil witch and save the 12 months!
Solve lots of mini-games to boost your mind!
Inflame a new Fire on the border of physical and spiritual worlds!
Guide your sheep to collect all the coins and renovate your sheep farm!
Protect the innocent fairies from the frightening aliens!
Go on a journey around the world and rescue it from rubbish!
Get rid of small monsters to protect the main character from nightmares!
Check your skills in solving all sorts of puzzles!
Rack your brains in the amazing physics game!
Pass through all the floating islands with the polar bear!
Boost your quick wits to cope with all the levels!
Enjoy the holiday of your dream and get various awards!
Get ready for an exciting adventure on an island you could only dream of!
Play solitaire and enjoy Merry Christmas!
Outplay the homeowner and get a coveted prize!
Enjoy the absorbing Christmas solitaire and let all your wishes come true!
A brand new solitaire game experience – specially for this Halloween!
Recall the reminiscences of the jolly Halloween!
Cope with all the solitaire levels and celebrate Christmas!
It’s time to chill out with Jack Frost!
Believe in the power of frosty layouts and complete all of them!
Enjoy the ravishing Thanksgiving Day and play solitaire!
Enjoy the amazing solitaire game in a holiday of love!
Enjoy hot summer time and train your logic skills!
Set off the relaxing journey to Hawaii and complete solitaire layouts!
Unleash your inner god-like powers and take part in creating the world!
Enjoy the pirate adventure and play solitaire!
Become a real pirate and add some excitement to your life!
Travel to the era of dinosaurs and play solitaire!
Play patience and enjoy love stories!
Travel to the Victorian era and practice your skills in solitaire!
120 aristocratic solitaire layouts await you!
Take part in exciting shooting game and explore the depths of gloomy catacombs!
Find yourself in the centre of a mysterious celebration in Spooky Mahjong!
Help Sprill to collect everything that's out of place in the distant future!
Collect all the hidden objects to evade the aliens' tests!
Escape from the aliens' clutches solving the riddles!
Practice arithmetic and save the planet!
Don’t waste your time! Your spaceship is ready for adventures!
Enjoy the dynamic solitaire game and have a rest at the sunny beach!
Sudoku - numeric puzzle! Examine your analytical skills!
Download Sudoku Adventures for free and set Amy free from this flying prison!
Improve your math skills calculating numbers in particular order!
Enjoy the great match 3 game with numbers!
Collect some precious specimens of stamps to your huge collection!
Boost your logic skills and enjoy the holiday with age-old history!
Celebrate the traditional American holiday and have fun!
Defeat the evil sorcerer and save the world!
Сonquer a dragon, face off against a giant plant and bring down a wicked witch!
Explore the China Empire and get treasures!
Overcome all the obstacles to return warmth to the land!
Walk through the dark areas: explore locations and look for various objects!
Travel to the old laboratory: discover the secrets and solve puzzles!
Guide 3 cursed ghosts of the noble knight which can’t find peace!
Do you miss adventure and excitement? We invite you to Tibet.
Poor animals need your help – guide them with the help of arrows!
Defend your village and invade the enemies' tower!
Hold off the balls from collapsing the tower!
Help Timothy protect the land of Oz from the Dwarf King!
Defeat the hordes of magical enemies!
Search the ocean bottom in chase of numerous treasures!
Help the Irish miner Sean collect as much gold as can fit in his mining cart!
Start a new thrilling journey under the ground!
Solve puzzles and let the sun rays reach the magic signs of Ra!
Decorate the tropical fish shop with gorgeous aquariums!
Reveal all mysteries in the solitaire game!
Boost your logic skills and solve challenging puzzles!
Clear the way for the special cars to save people’s lives!
Help the writer reassemble his memory and thoughts!
Set off a romantic adventure and solve brain training griddlers!
Enjoy the amazing holiday and play challenging griddlers!
Survive at the poisonous area and try to avoid the radioactive contamination!
Travel through a magic forest and solve all puzzles of the ancient gods.
Train your brain and learn new words in Word Challenge Extreme!
Find the right words in the huge ocean of letters!
Play different checker games, think over your moves and become invincible!
Enjoy a strategic training for those who adore puzzles and battlefield posture!
Help the zombies get medicine and bring them back to normal life!
Save petty innocent animals from fearful Chameleons!
Help a young alien to get the job of this dream and marry his lovely girlfriend!