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Hen House
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Hen House

Welcome to the Hen House! This isn't a usual chicken coop; this is a mysterious place with multicolor birds that lay variegated eggs. Not long ago this house was called a chicken paradise, where peace and harmony prevailed. Only the inhabitants of the house know the secret - all the power is in the motley eggs! This power helps to ward off bed luck and keep the harmony. If the eggs of the same color are put together, the great magic will come in force. Thus, all the multicolored eggs should be kept in the strict order, and the disappearance even of one egg may lead to chaos and destruction of the harmony barrier preserved before. Now hard times came and the Hen House is in danger. Malign forces occupied the coop - a hungry unrelenting cobra wriggled the way into the chicken's paradise. This guileful serpent is eager to swallow all the eggs! It sits in the end of the conveyor and watches over them. Is this wonderful hen coop doomed? Only you can answer this question! Offer rebuff to the cobra and save the eggs! Be ready to fight against the dark forces. You are to help the brave Rooster, who decides to redress the injustice with a help of its magic gun. This rifle can turn the eggs into little chickens. So, if you perform this miracle, the cunning snake will be left in the lurch! Restore the paradise in the Hen House, and the inhabitants will be endlessly thankful to you! Download this wonderful game right now for free and see how accurate you are!