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Free Kids Games
Assemble nice jigsaws from pieces and learn the history of the Africa!
Experience the true heritage of history without leaving the comforts of home!
An exciting tour across Europe awaits you!
Travel to Asia to enjoy new emotions and impressions!
Assemble jigsaws from a multitude of pieces and travel around London!
Join a tour around the Earth and make photos!
Enjoy the winter without leaving home!
Visit Greece without leaving your home!
Enter the magic world of dreams and master the 4 Elements!
Save the world of magic and set the fairies free!
Break all the bricks with your striking ball right now!
Eliminate all the obstacles which appear on your ball's way!
Discover the secrets of a mysterious island and help Alex find his sister!
Help Alice decorate her own island and defeat the evil sorceress!
Dive into the colorful world behind the looking-glass!
Assemble all the puzzles and unlock the worlds of Wonderland!
Dive into the Wonderland and play a new puzzle game!
Dive into the miraculous world of Wonderland!
Visit the Wonderland in a new puzzle game!
Restore the unique tavern among the heavens!
Use your mouse to control a flying cab and be the No1 transportation company!
Grind your way through Angelo's world!
Experience a magnificent underwater world of sunken ships and pirate booty!
Gather all crystals from the Princess's ring and conquer the awful wizard!
Kill all space bosses and save your planet from danger!
Complete the pictures of the creatures and let the summer come back!
Be brave and clever and don't let your planet become the ice kingdom!
A completely new experience to while away the time!
Build a beautiful planet!
Prove you are intellectually trained in Ballz 3D!
Put beads in the right place and don’t let the pipe get full!
Shoot at colorful electricity-eating beetles to prevent an infestation!
Join heroic deeds of a bug with funny weapon saving the territory from monsters!
Help the brave bug overcome the obstacles in his new adventure!
Gather all the children of Beetle Bug together and bring them back home!
Help the bees get ready for winter playing any of 3 modes!
Move like a tiger as you take on never-ending chains of 3D colored balls!
Help Bilbo become successful and marry his beloved!
Become the real pirate travelling to different islands with the birds!
Take care of small nestlings, get points and precious experience!
Enjoy the game full of snacks and soft-drinks!
Glut the frog's appetite as fast as you can!
A small fish is born in the vast expanses of the ocean. It is full of hungry fish ready to eat the other defenseless underwater creatures.
Become the biggest fish in the underwater kingdom!
Enjoy the brain training game, put all your skills to the test, and get smarter!
Struggle for the existence of the dragons!
Help Brave Piglet shoot the wolf and not to be his lunch!
Get ready for the greatest adventure this Halloween!
Enjoy the amazing bubble world!
Celebrate the holidays and have fun!
Enjoy the game Bubble Zoo 2 and have fun!
Combine the words out of the letters to show the aliens the beauty of the Earth!
Help the main characters cope with their daily routine!
Don't leave Carl alone against all the monsters and challenges on his way!
Help Carl find the stolen X-mas gifts!
Build the giant tower!
Help Katie develop her shops empire!
Find an adventure beyond your imagination and get untold riches!
Team up with a heroic hen to defeat a world of crazy guys and evil beasts!
Destroy alien chickens to protect your military base!
Hunt hungry savages which want to put the sweet hen, Paula, into their soup!
Holster your mouse and help Paula save her sisters from the grill!
Have fun with Chloe and her best friends!
Plunge into the magic of the traditional Christmas story during this wintry night!
Exchange properties or upgrade them to earn more money by getting rental fees.
Enjoy the pack of 5 exciting games!
Unchain the birds from traps and collect all the precious artifacts!
Help birds and cats find home among the stars!
Become the resort-runner and bring satisfaction to those who're sick and tired!
Reveal the secrets of the cooking mastery!
Discover new culinary secrets and help the pair of chefs conquer the competition!
Become the Creator and rearrange the Earth!
Fish with the crazy pirate and have a lot of fun!
Enjoy fishing while sitting at home!
Build as high brick tower as you can imagine!
Follow the schemes to put the cubes in the right order!
Are you up to the match-3 challenge?
Take pizza orders from all over Greenville!
Gather a huge collection of bright jewels with a nice little mole!
Help Gary the mole to pave his road to success and into the heart of Angela!
Keep digging one tunnel after another in search for treasures!
Develop your own restaurant for animals!
Help Doctor Smith fight the nasty viruses!
Start an extraordinary intellectual battle against evil forces and the Dragon!
Use your fantasy and create a farm of your dream!
No more duck hunting – be the duck which hunts itself!
Try to take over dozens of lavatory pans or hares driving Da Vinci's bicycles!
Save the poor princess, who was turned into an ugly monster!
Help Elias the Mighty capture a terrible criminal and save his beloved horse!
Lift the magical fog and wake the elves, entrapped by enchanted flower buds!
Bring back the light into a world of elves, fairies and gnomes!
Create the planet of your dream and take care of it!
Free the fairies from an evil wizard and bring them back to fairyland!
Join the young adventurer to the magical land and free the fairy dwellers!
Help Mathin overcome all the obstacles and meet his grandmother!
Create new words attaching as many new letters as you need!
Protect people from the sea creature in the awesome game!
Run the trendiest boutique in town to keep your customers looking stylish!
Become the defender of the insects while they are away!
Set the superhero free from the trap to save the mankind!
Help Doggy find his way home in this delightful match-three romp!
Get a wonderful tank and turn it into a wonderland for sea creatures!
Work hard to achieve results and have enough money for the aquarium contest!
Recreate the nippy and fun atmosphere of winter in your aquarium!
Turn your aquarium into a welcoming farm with ripe vegetables and yummy treats!
Become an aquarium designer and have fun with fish and numerous supplements!
Don't wait for fish any more – catch it now!
Enjoy the stunning beauty of nature as you create botanical delights!
Save the space station from alien beetles in the absorbing arcade!
Hook as much fish as possible and become the winner!
Help Foxy save Christmas from from the angry monsters!
Help a funny frog reach desirable flowers and mushrooms!
Create the best cheese tower and win the contest!
Protect the garden from the irritating insects using the tricky devices!
Your friend Chloe needs your help to sell her beautiful plants!
Join Garfield and his friends in this funny, fast and FUR-ious game!
Have fun in the challenging runner and set new records!
Boost your logic to turn adventurers into people again!
Outwit the cunning troll queen!
Outwit the cunning warlock to return gnomes’ castle!
Help little Gnomzy defeat the evil magician and save magic forest!
Try your hand in jumping, running and avoiding bars!
Put your farming boots on and run the biggest farm in the country!
Help Grabrilla destroy all the buildings using only a coconut!
Are you ready to shake the land of gods and release your almighty powers?
Roll up your sleeves and bring in the harvest playing this agricultural game!
Solve the riddles of a hideous kidnapping!
Protect chickens from the cunning cobra!
Become the hero of mount Olympus and bring it its former glory!
Discover hidden wonders in the depths of this vast, lively sea!
Clean your hive from the bad cells as soon as possible!
Celebrate Halloween with numerous ravishing puzzles!
Start your Merry Christmas by playing relaxing jigsaw puzzle game!
Match all fragments of a puzzle in the correct order to get a picture!
Assemble all jigsaw puzzles and become the best player!
Enjoy 500 jigsaw puzzles and celebrate Easter!
Unforgettable Halloween adventure is waiting for you!
Make nice pictures from dozens of fragments!
Celebrate Easter with amazing themed jigsaw puzzles!
Feel the Halloween spirit in Holiday Mosaics Halloween Puzzles!
Feel the Christmas spirit and enjoy holiday puzzles!
Come to the magic land and complete various tasks to find Holly!
Help Santa find the items he needs on Christmas Eve!
Help Felicity and Mr. Bones to earn money for their wedding!
Discover the world of professional fishermen now!
Destroy constantly changing figures to experience great fun!
Win the competition and become the next Ice-Cream magnate of the planet!
Enjoy a unique match 3 gameplay in Ice Puzzle Deluxe!
Explore the isolated land and help Jessica escape from the island!
Get creative as you build your very own island paradise!
Make Jenny's shop a prosperous business!
See if you are skillful enough to cope with Match 3 levels!
Enjoy the treasure hunt and save Hani!
Create the pictures from your own family album with your own hands!
Assemble a picture from puzzle elements!
Assemble the colorful pictures and become the jigsaw expert!
Plan your journey alongside the marvelous beaches!
Travel around the world and enjoy the most beautiful views!
Visit unique and exotic places all over the world!
Visit the most beautiful cities in the world!
Restoring the order at Joe's farm!
Create the chains of cubes and remember your childhood!
Try a role of a doctor and complete all the challenges!
Transform a wedding plan into a successful business!
Go into the safari park and run your business!
Get into the safari park and run your business!
Katy and Bob can't get home: serve the clients to earn money in a beach café!
Help Kelly Green grow bunches of beautiful flowers!
Look for the lost expedition in the north of America!
Run the household in the magic kingdom and win glory!
Compete with other girls on a glamorous arena!
Help Claire discover the new continent!
Restore the ancient city and defeat the dark priest!
Stop the terracotta army and find the Soulstone!
Go on a journey through a country full of legends and myths!
Solve time paradoxes and banish the mysterious villain!
Solve time paradoxes and defeat the mysterious villain!
Boost your logic and return Franken-Stitch his lost head!
Defeat the cunning wizard and return the magical artifact!
Extraordinary adventure of a cat looking for treasures hidden in the labyrinth!
What's for sale in the Magic Shop? Whatever you can imagine!
Let Magic Tale enchanted you by its fabulous charms!
Defeat naughty caterpillars and big mushrooms and find the treasures!
Help Kwazi restore peace and harmony in the world!
Enjoy classical Mah Jong spiced up with new features!
Travel with Kwazi 72 years back and balance his destiny with a mah jong desk!
Dive into the catching world of card house building!
Overcome lots of obstacles and save the beautiful princess!
Enjoy the captivating bright arkanoid and escape from everyday routine!
Feed Max-the-Frog in the pond full of dangers!
Help the brave mole collect all the diamonds!
Enter the magical world of Miriel and help her to fulfill her dream!
Join Momo in the first episode of an epic adventure and save his tribe!
Put monsters of the same colour in groups of four!
Return peace and harmony to the world immersed in chaos!
Get friends with fairy tale creatures from the ancient legends!
Explore amazing worlds and unleash your imagination!
Solve colorful patchwork puzzles and save magical creatures!
Save one garden and the whole world from the alien invasion!
Manage your restaurant and become a world-famous chef!
Improve your attention and vocabulary solving complicated puzzles!
Clean the way for a car that moves collecting coins!
Crash as many obstacles as you can with your super destructive ball!
Find out a lot of secrets of the deep blue sea and fulfill your childhood dream!
Turn your kingdom into powerful empire!
Help a brave knight save the kingdom!
Find Santa's missing reindeer to avoid a Yuletide cancellation!
Help the funny creature explore the miraculous world!
Pestering Birds is an action-puzzle game that takes you on a wonderful adventure across the world of cute Birds.
Help Maria save the pets in the city opening a successful business!
Feed piglets with ripe apples!
Boost your logic skills and join the sea adventure!
Enjoy exploring the most unusual world of the plasticine planet!
Observe amazing plasticine landscape while driving to the finish!
Help the raccoon Poofik overcome all the obstacles safe and sound!
Start the adventure and stabilize the Ancient Law!
Feel the roar of the engine and get ready to be the first!
Pass through all gates on the land station and touch the “f”-sign!
Help Roboball destroy old unused buildings and facilities!
Move stones to clear the territory from the monsters!
Construct homes for the island citizens and save them from the forces of nature!
Assemble a picture from the puzzle elements in Royal Jigsaw!
Play the favorite king’s game and solve jigsaw puzzles!
Play the new Royal Jigsaw 3 and solve 1000 images in high quality!
All the best for the true king!
Help Santa Claus save Christmas!
Trap as many sea creatures as you can!
Guide your sheep to collect all the coins and renovate your sheep farm!
Prevent the balls from falling to the bottom of the game field!
Play with the evil sorcery of wicked Caralight and release innocent souls!
Protect the innocent fairies from the frightening aliens!
Go on a journey around the world and rescue it from rubbish!
Take part in a spy adventure with Mr. Mich in Sky Taxi 3: The Movie!
Join the team of the Sky Taxi and defeat the cruel monster!
Get rid of small monsters to protect the main character from nightmares!
Break all the bricks on the field and use bonuses!
Break all bricks and keep all balls in Smash Frenzy 2!
Control a ball-destroyer aiming at objects, hitting them and scoring points!
Land on the planet with alternative dimensions to fulfill your mission!
Be prepared to compete in the outer space!
Grow your spider to the enormous size catching various insects!
Find yourself in the centre of a mysterious celebration in Spooky Mahjong!
Help Sprill to collect everything that's out of place in the distant future!
Collect all the hidden objects to evade the aliens' tests!
Escape from the aliens' clutches solving the riddles!
Save people of Sproinkus and lead them to the surface from the underground!
Create one-coloured rows and remove them to set funny monsters free!
Run the settlement and lead it to the glory!
This remarkable 3D arcade will definitely grab your attention!
Strike Ball 2 is twice as big as the original and more than double the fun!
Get the highest score and remove all the pictures off the board using your ball!
Improve your math skills calculating numbers in particular order!
Collect some precious specimens of stamps to your huge collection!
Solve the most mystical layouts you've ever seen!
Try tasty treats and visit ancient Greece!
Collect all the logs while jumping from one log to another!
Revive the dead worlds that make up a barren celestial wilderness!
Fight with a mad scientist to set your master free!
Сonquer a dragon, face off against a giant plant and bring down a wicked witch!
Restore a fairy-tale realm by collecting elements and casting spells!
Enjoy the pack of absorbing kids games and have fun!
Discover the ravishing underwater world with a yellow submarine!
Investigate eerie high jinks and uncover a mystery of a ghostly appearance!
Grow vegetables, sell them and become the best farmer in the fairy land!
Explore the China Empire and get treasures!
Enjoy an arcade-style pacing that keeps you engaged for hours!
Solve a horrifying supernatural mystery!
Overcome all the obstacles to return warmth to the land!
Create magic poisons and use your spells to cure poor patients!
Poor animals need your help – guide them with the help of arrows!
Find the approach to every client!
Help Timothy protect the land of Oz from the Dwarf King!
Search the ocean bottom in chase of numerous treasures!
Turn a wasteland into a fertile homestead bursting with fruits and livestock!
Join the race for survival!
Help Turtix evade punishment and fix the magic amulet!
Enjoy playing with a funny little turtle!
Help the writer reassemble his memory and thoughts!
Help the Vikings save their land and defeat savages!
Now you are in charge of turning a ruined farm into a booming success!
Do you want to become the top farmer in the town?
Reveal a little child in yourself and play a brick game!
Become the owner of a pet shop!
The power of the elements is in your hands! Use them to reclaim the kingdom!
Help Victor become the ruler of the blooming country!
Destroy all the bricks in the level and try to get the highest scores!
Fight armies of invaders in a funny game Zak & Jack in Showdown at Monstertown!
Enjoy the beautiful view of the sea depths!
Help a young alien to get the job of this dream and marry his lovely girlfriend!