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Barman's Life
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Barman's Life

Whose shift is today ? A new barman's? There are hundreds of lazy jobs in the world and now you are to realize that working in a bar is far from that kind! The game Barman's Life was created to introduce you to the profession requiring high speed and equilibristic skills! Welcome to the counter, my friend! This bar is the most popular in the area, don't spoil the reputation! Rush between tables and try to cope with the main task: provide the visitors with enough beer. Unfortunately, they all prefer different beer brands and throw the glass back if they don't receive what they want. Lucky you, their clothing and favorite drink are of the same color. And of course, there are always boozers who drink absolutely everything! Run to earn money and get bonuses to improve your skills! If customers like you they add extra cash to your account! Very funny and entertaining game Barman's Life represents a wonderful excursion to a very interesting profession. Great SFX and graphics enlarge the feeling of reality! Serve enough beer in time and never let the guys come to the end of the table otherwise you are in trouble with an unsatisfied client! Ladies and gentlemen are waiting for your help at the end of their working day and at the beginning of yours. Download the game Barman's Life for free and get respect from working class!