Mad Medley Battle

Mad Medley Battle - free battle game
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Categories: Action, Racing, Shooting, Car

Mad Medley Battle

Mad Medley Battle is a reckless game and a free shooter for you! There are lots of weapons all over the jungle and you have to find all of them. You are an experienced and skilled driver, otherwise you'll have to learn everything quickly! It's not a task for a rookie. Get ready for a real tropical adventure on your off road car! See what's new is in the sphere of tactics and warcraft together with your soldier! Mad Medley Battle is an excellent example of games where one warrior is still a warrior who can change a lot! There are thousands of rivals who attack you and you are to shoot back or escape from their blasts as quickly as you can. Use your weapons and don't wait for any indulgence in the battle. You kill the enemy or he will get you first. This is an ideal game for those who adore attacks, shooting and exploring new picturesque places. Numerous missions will grasp your attention while new chances to upgrade your armory and weapons will definitely strengthen you. You are able to control and upgrade your weapons and vehicle, choose the rout and annihilate hordes of enemies. You have a mission to complete, so go ahead and check your skills. There are a lot of stages and types of enemies in the game Mad Medley Battle, so watch out and show your courage. Mad Medley Battle is a perfect leisure time activity if you like action, excellent graphics and difficult tasks to fulfill. You still have no idea what Mad Medley Battle is - what are you waiting for? Download this new adventure which you will remember for long and have fun!


Download Mad Medley Battle - free battle game Download Mad Medley Battle - free battle game Download Mad Medley Battle - free battle game


Numerous levels and missions
Several kinds of weapons
Extraordinary graphics
Entertaining plot and tasks
free battle game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP or better
Pentium 200mhz or better
15 MB hard drive space
800x600 display resolution mode or higher
High or true color highly recommended
DirectX 5.0 or better
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