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Inca Ball

Inca Ball is a brilliant arcade puzzle, which immerses you in a great ...

Beetle Bomp

Experimental electricity-eating Beetles have been released from a top ...

Bengal - Game of Gods

Move like a tiger as you take on never-ending chains of 3D colored balls ...

Asian Riddles 3

In a game Asian Riddles 3 there are even more ancient puzzles! 180 unique ...

Mah Jong Quest

Kwazi needs your help! Three terrible dragons have appeared without ...

World Riddles: Animals

You will travel all over the world. All the seven continents - North and ...

Jigsaw Deluxe

Jigsaw Deluxe, just like any other puzzle game, possesses one essential ...

Mahjong Secrets

Plunge into the intricacies of royal life with a new game Mahjong Secrets! ...

Jigsaw Tour 2

Take a virtual tour of the most famous tourist cities! 700 photographs of ...


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