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Find Santa's missing reindeer to avoid a Yuletide cancellation!
Become a professor's assistant and carry out genetic experiments on plants!
Experience a joy of wedding preparation and find all hidden objects.
Reveal the truth about secret experiments!
Turn your kingdom into powerful empire!
Help a brave knight save the kingdom!
Help the wolf find his lost son!
Find your favorite game in the 3D format!
Reveal all the secrets searching even in the darkest corners of the rooms!
Choose the car that suits you most and start the race!
Beat your rivals on the water surface now!
You have only 72 hours to find the professor - use them wisely!
Crash as many obstacles as you can with your super destructive ball!
Find out a lot of secrets of the deep blue sea and fulfill your childhood dream!
Be an accurate and a fast driver to win all the races!
Set off on the amazing adventure to the medieval past!