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Become a prosperous ruler and turn a village into a gorgeous kingdom!
Follow the path to the unknown to find exciting treasures!
Great entertainment with various bonuses is waiting for you!
Plunge into the mysterious world of Egypt!
Find the enchanted cavern, fulfill all the quests and become incredibly rich!
Collect juicy fruits, candies and cakes!
Help Rosa deal with her reminiscences to set the innocent souls free!
Prove you can cast out any demon that disturbs people!
Imprison the criminal together with Sarah and find her kidnapped children!
Travel to the magical land and save the poor elves!
Explore the ocean and space depths to reveal the mystery of Atlantis!
Find the fabled land of Agartha!
Explore 6 Egyptian wonders and solve puzzles to get precious trophies!
Make nice pictures by solving challenging griddlers!
Set the magical tiny creatures free and take part in a funny shooting game!
Save the poor princess, who was turned into an ugly monster!
Solve all the enigmas in the amazing game!
Try to take over dozens of lavatory pans or hares driving Da Vinci's bicycles!
Create the planet of your dream and take care of it!
Protect people on the good side with the famous Russian folk character!
Connect pieces of wire into a closed electrical circuit to light the city!