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Help Turtix evade punishment and fix the magic amulet!
Travel to the other land, make lines of crystals and reveal the secrets!
Defeat the hordes of magical enemies!
Unleash the magic of totems and defeat the epic boss!
Run a pizzeria and attract customers!
Reveal the blood curving mystery of a sunken ship!
Cook delicious dishes to satisfy your extraterrestrial clients!
Try your hand at running the greatest burger empire!
Defeat all enemies and become a war hero!
Reveal the eerie secret of the family’s old lake house!
Explore the mysterious island and find out its shocking secrets!
Help the inhabitants of the magic island get rid of the awful witch!
Welcome to a pirate game for genre adorers who love to overcome obstacles!
Enjoy playing with a funny little turtle!
Destroy your enemy driving a tank and defend your headquarters!
Restore the vikings’ village after disastrous earthquakes!
Reveal the secrets of the magic tower and stop the conflict between the sisters!
Test your courage and skills as a military leader at the First World War!
Help the occult investigator to solve awful crimes in an amazing game The Gift.
Do your best to survive, explore and leave the mysterious island!
Travel to pirates' island and find out where the treasures are hidden!
Help Lisa and Alex return to the present time from the past!
Join the race for survival!
Help the desperate mother find her daughter!
Overcome all the obstacles to return warmth to the land!
Walk along the most winding paths in The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventures!
Fight with a mad scientist to set your master free!
Start a new thrilling journey under the ground!
Solve a horrifying supernatural mystery!
Become the international trial star right now!
Get ready for a frightful adventure in a dreary ghost town!
Collect precious gems to rebuild a destroyed village!
Try your hand at farming and boost the show to the top!
Boost your logic skills and solve challenging puzzles!
Solve the mystery of the dark castle and set the Prince free!
Collect all the logs while jumping from one log to another!
Find a famous treasure hunter who disappeared in the Pacific!
Turn a wasteland into a fertile homestead bursting with fruits and livestock!
Build your own town, find gold and become rich!
Celebrate the traditional American holiday and have fun!
Boost your logic skills and enjoy the holiday with age-old history!
Discover the ravishing underwater world with a yellow submarine!
Help Timothy protect the land of Oz from the Dwarf King!
Enjoy the pack of absorbing kids games and have fun!
Provide Santa with lots of toys to return Christmas!
Join the popular TV show and become a superstar!
Explore the China Empire and get treasures!
Become a detective who can open any door!
Travel from planet to planet discovering new possibilities of terrafarming!
Combine the tiles according to their color and get bonuses!
Search the ocean bottom in chase of numerous treasures!
Explore new winding routes and defeat all the rivals!
Grow vegetables, sell them and become the best farmer in the fairy land!
Repair the Time Machine and save the world from catastrophes and plagues!
Guide 3 cursed ghosts of the noble knight which can’t find peace!
Poor animals need your help – guide them with the help of arrows!
Create an antipode of Paradise in the Underworld for the newly dead!
Reveal all mysteries in the solitaire game!
Find the approach to every client!
Can your powers of puzzle-solving save your tribe?
Create magic poisons and use your spells to cure poor patients!
Help the adventurers find the ancient city and reveal all its mysteries!
Seize the throne and prove that you're the rightful ruler of the kingdom!
Develop the settlement to a great empire!
Uncover the greatest mystery of Houdini!
Help the main character save the kingdom!
Enjoy an arcade-style pacing that keeps you engaged for hours!
Search for untold treasures in the ancient temple!
Discover the mysterious enigma of the Aztec artifact!
Visit every famous ancient city and collect 7 artifacts!
Immerse into the Aztec world full of brilliant puzzles!