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The God of Fire was imprisoned in the gloomy instance with crowds of bats and large spiders. Help Loki to reach the magic portals and get out of the dark instance. Set Loki free and prevent the small flame from fading away.

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Help the courageous digger in his captivating adventure and fill the truck with gems. Bricks containing diamonds move down - so group them at least by four to release the reward. Enjoy this thrilling voyage to the subsoil!
The iOS/Android game iArrows cannot damage anybody but, on the contrary, will brighten the dull days. Just make your arrows fly to create the combos of 3 or more tiles with the same directions on them and clear the entire field!
Fights for the ice-cream? Why not if you are in Hell! Lots of Cute Monsters think up the most unbelievable strategies to win the desired Lord of the Hell Cup. Join the outstanding battles now!
iWiring is an amazing logical game. Your aim is to make the current flow from one side of the game board to another by connecting the wires. Hurry up because you are pressed for time! Connect as many wires as you can!