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Free Adventure Games
Solve mysterious and complicated puzzles and receive 10 ancient Talismans!
Explore picturesque locations on all the continents!
Reveal the magnificent nature pictures!
Help Chalida find all pieces of the broken royal crown!
Visit the mysterious submarine and take part in the breathtaking adventures!
Search for an unknown sea monster and explore the seas in a famous submarine!
Enter the magic world of dreams and master the 4 Elements!
Save the world of magic and set the fairies free!
Become the real hero and restore the balance between good and evil!
Shangri-La needs your help to make nature whole again!
Travel in time, become a brave knight and save the king from dethronement!
Solve complicated puzzles to travel in time together with Alabama!
Enjoy the fabulous tale about Aladin and find out the secrets of the Palace!
Discover the secrets of a mysterious island and help Alex find his sister!
Plunge into the sinister world to save people from total mind control!
Solve lots of puzzles and find Alexandra’s grandfather!
Follow the white rabbit and join Mad Hatter's bizarre tea party!
Walk into the unknown and discover something incredible with Amanda!
Visit beautiful locations and get lots of treasures!
Appear in the gloomy world and reveal all the sinister mysteries!
Gather all crystals from the Princess's ring and conquer the awful wizard!
Be brave and clever and don't let your planet become the ice kingdom!
See the whole world and win a bet with brave Phileas Fogg!
Search for numerous objects during amazing journey around the whole world!
Explore the ancient castle to reveal the criminal!
Fight with alien enemies ruled by the monster-boss!
Search for Atlantis in this classic style matching quest game with a dazzling new twist!
Find all parts of the ancient relics and return them to the Temple of Time!
Improve your ranking and set new records with the thrilling game Babel Running!
Blast your way back to earth in this arcade game
Save pretty Lumina, restore the land and stop the evil wizard Grogan!
Fight against monsters to deserve king’s grace!
Hit the beach in a contest to earn the most money!
Join heroic deeds of a bug with funny weapon saving the territory from monsters!
Help the brave bug overcome the obstacles in his new adventure!
Gather all the children of Beetle Bug together and bring them back home!
Solve numerous puzzles to help a mother return her son from the mirror-world!
Come to the boy's rescue and defeat the witch!
Help Bilbo become successful and marry his beloved!
Become the real pirate travelling to different islands with the birds!
Join the company of brave archeologists and reveal ancient mysteries!
Explore the endless sea and come back safe and sound!
Turn a modest boy into a great warrior!
Clear away all magical glyphs and try to guess all ancient mysteries!
Feel the danger of the criminal's life in the stunning adventures!
Find the Lost Diamond and reveal the truth of an ancient legend!
Heed the Call of Atlantis and save the mysterious Island!
Restore the ancient calendar and save the Earth!
Help Captain Otto find his beloved and live happily!
Help the main characters cope with their daily routine!
Complete lots of layouts to become the master of mahjong!
Destroy evil creatures and help the family of Hildegards save the world!
Find an adventure beyond your imagination and get untold riches!
Solve the blood curving mystery of vampires!
Team up with a heroic hen to defeat a world of crazy guys and evil beasts!
Boost your mood while playing the funny arkanoid!
Use powerful weapons to annihilate chicken armies!
Destroy alien chickens to protect your military base!
Have fun with Chloe and her best friends!
Return Christmas atmosphere and solve lots of challenging griddlers!
Challenging hidden object scenes are waiting for you in Seattle!
Unchain the birds from traps and collect all the precious artifacts!
Help birds and cats find home among the stars!
Reach all the goals to win in the awesome game!
Become the Creator and rearrange the Earth!
Slip on your overalls and bring in a harvest of fun in Crop Busters!
Help a young girl save her beloved and trick a mad maniac!
Are you up to the match-3 challenge?
Open a dancing school and become a member of a cool dancing team!
Reveal the mystery of Kate’s destiny!
Start the descent into darkness today if you dare!
Participate in cosmic missions and defeat all enemies!
Join the mysterious adventure and save Clair from imprisonment!
Enter the enchanted realm and start your amazing journey!
Travel through the past and appear in the era of dinosaurs!
Set off the journey to the past and outwit the villain!
Stop the rebellion of machines and save a small town!
Reveal the secrets of the dead and solve the forgotten mystery!
Join the forces of good and defeat the evil!
Enjoy a classic base-building strategy game!
Uncover crimes while solving nonograms!
Are you ready to solve the most magical case ever?
Visit the magical world and investigate the mysterious crime!
Keep digging one tunnel after another in search for treasures!
Turn to the prehistoric era and banish the hordes of dinosaurs!
Unleash your inner god and create the world!
Explore a hidden object game Downtown Secrets and help Alex to crack a mystery!
Unravel Dr. Jekyll's sinister secret and help him to avoid mortal danger!
Save Londoners from a fearful creature and help Dr. Jekyll return to his duties!
Become a real detective and solve a mysterious case!
Help a brave hero defeat an evil magician and find a dragon!
Start an extraordinary intellectual battle against evil forces and the Dragon!
It's time to discover a world of magic and intrigue!
Help Jenny find souvenirs for everyone!
Help a romantic couple arrange their wedding!
Organize the perfect wedding ceremony for your best friends!
Solve puzzles and find objects to save the kidnapped girl!
Travel to exotic islands and play unknown types of solitaire!
Use your fantasy and create a farm of your dream!
Imprison the criminal together with Sarah and find her kidnapped children!
Explore 6 Egyptian wonders and solve puzzles to get precious trophies!
Plunge into the mysterious world of Egypt!
Try to take over dozens of lavatory pans or hares driving Da Vinci's bicycles!
Save the poor princess, who was turned into an ugly monster!
Help Elias the Mighty capture a terrible criminal and save his beloved horse!
Bring back the light into a world of elves, fairies and gnomes!
Become a prosperous ruler and turn a village into a gorgeous kingdom!
Follow the path to the unknown to find exciting treasures!
The age-old secrets of the enchanted cavern are ready to be revealed!
Solve all the enigmas in the amazing game!
Find the fabled land of Agartha!
Explore the ocean and space depths to reveal the mystery of Atlantis!
Prove you can cast out any demon that disturbs people!
Free the fairies from an evil wizard and bring them back to fairyland!
Join the young adventurer to the magical land and free the fairy dwellers!
Help Mathin overcome all the obstacles and meet his grandmother!
Solve the most mystical layouts you've ever seen!
Get mad about farming and start your first business now!
Take pleasure in versatile country life and upgrade your farm!
Manage five farms around the world and try your hand at penguin breeding!
Show your time management skills: grow crops, feed animals and produce goods!
Work hard to take home the blue ribbon as the farmer of the year!
Find perfect outfits for your clients, and earn your very own Fashion Fortune!
Help a young FBI agent solve these difficult cases by finding the hidden clues!
Join the company of the FBI agent and take part in detective investigations!
Explore six picturesque islands to find Captain Flint's lost treasures!
Solve all riddles and get awesome trophies!
Immerse into the Christmas atmosphere again while solving griddlers!
Solve all the puzzles and get Halloween trophies.
Enjoy eerie Halloween and solve all the nonograms!
Set the superhero free from the trap to save the mankind!
Help Doggy find his way home in this delightful match-three romp!
Learn the basics of fishing and take the lead in the tournaments!
Get a wonderful tank and turn it into a wonderland for sea creatures!
Become a fairy who can open the door to the magic town!
Explore the eerie asylum and reveal its secrets!
Explore eastern locations to complete the puzzles!
Help a funny frog reach desirable flowers and mushrooms!
Save lovely habitants of Galapago from the volcano eruption and get the gold!
Create the great empire out of the small village!
Become the owner of a mansion and restore a magnificent garden!
Join Garfield and his friends in this funny, fast and FUR-ious game!
Have fun in the challenging runner and set new records!
Help brave Gerasim deserve the hand of the beautiful princess Isolde!
Boost your logic to turn adventurers into people again!
Help ghosts with unfinished business to "cross over" into the light!
Help the princess save the garden and make the king healthy again!
Help the princess get back the stolen gifts and save the holiday!
Develop the mysterious lands and return the princess’s uncle to his homeland!
Obtain the Crystal of Eternal Light and return prosperity!
Save the king and return prosperity to the kingdom!
Help little Gnomzy defeat the evil magician and save magic forest!
Develop your strategy skills and beat off the hordes of monsters!
Help Shinee save the universe from the impending darkness!
Put your farming boots on and run the biggest farm in the country!
Build your own empire and become an outstanding ruler!
Start your career right now and become the biggest gangster of all times!
Repair old sandwich bar, create new recipes and play host to the visitors!
Outwit the cunning thieves and find Mona Lisa before it disappears forever!
Are you ready to shake the land of gods and release your almighty powers?
Explore the island full of the otherworldly creatures and solve all the puzzles!
Travel to the sea paradise and rack your brains!
Travel into the past to solve exciting puzzles!
Enjoy breathtaking adventures in the Victorian era!
Enjoy the eerie Halloween mahjong layouts!
Win all the trophies in a Halloween mahjong contest!
Rack your brains and enjoy the bewitching Halloween atmosphere!
Solve the riddles of a hideous kidnapping!
Please the unusual guests in the game Haunted Domains!
Battle against the forces of hell in the epic strategy game!
Restore the house and defeat the cunning bandits!
Create chains of three items in an adventure through Ancient Greece!
Gods and people are waiting for your help!
Find artifacts to restore Athens from ruins!
Use magic and manpower to restore a broken land of Hidden World, don't delay!
Match the pairs of the same cards to get Easter rewards!
Come to the magic land and complete various tasks to find Holly!
Help Santa find the items he needs on Christmas Eve!
Try to be a world known star with Hollywood - The Director's Cut!
Manage the bustling hospital and cure all the patients!
Use your business savvy to help Lynette repurchase her family business!
Explore the sinister ghost house to reveal the age-old mysteries!
Reveal the mystery of the secret experiment and find Rachel’s father!
Help Lindsey to become the member of the volleyball team!
Breakout action that pushes the boundaries of visuals and gameplay!
Build a huge empire and become a wise sovereign!
Build your own empire and become a wise sovereign!
Guide Dracula in his quest to escape a man-hungry princess!
Uncover the mystery of Casanova as you travel around Europe!
Help Francesca di Porta solve her case of the stolen Botticelli’s masterpiece!
On board the ship you solve a complicated quiz - get the stolen masterpiece back
Pack your bags for Italy and solve a disappearance!
Break magic spells and send evil powers back to hell!
Destroy hostile machines to save the planet!
Place your steampunk machines to win the battle against robots!
Get ready for a sea battle, defend your fort!
Destroy the enemy fleet and defend your fort from merciless attacks!
Explore the isolated land and help Jessica escape from the island!
Investigate a mysterious crime and find a murderer!
Conduct your own investigation and find a ruthless killer!
Plunge into the horror atmosphere of the Hidden Object game and find a murderer!
Help Christiana to save the mansion from selling by auction!
Make Jenny's shop a prosperous business!
Don't let the museum lose its relics: match crystals and take valuables back!
Experience a challenging chase for mysterious cure in Jewel Quest III!
Help two brave archaeologists find the magic emerald that contains huge power!
Discover new worlds full of mysteries and complicated tasks!
Enjoy the treasure hunt and save Hani!
Explore secret locations with Joan Jade!
Join the sparkling world of flashlights, great clothes and famous designers!
Help Jade Pearce find her father!
Eliminate the curse, hanging over the city and dive into the whirl of mysteries!
Help a scientist repair a time machine and find his way home!
Cleanse the planet from darkness!
Katy and Bob can't get home: serve the clients to earn money in a beach café!
Create your own settlement and join the epic battles!
Look for the lost expedition in the north of America!
Run the household in the magic kingdom and win glory!
Win the royal solitaire tournament and get the grand prize!
Welcome to the medieval world and save the kingdom!
Complete 120 levels to become the greatest knight!
Brace yourself to outwit the shaman of coyotes!
Help Astrid investigate the mysterious crime!
Prevent catastrophic epidemic and create the antivirus with doctor Andres!
Eliminate stacks of colored blocks at the base of a fiery volcano!
Save the gorgeous mermaid homeland from the Kraken!
Feel yourself like a medieval ruler of the castle!
Boost your logic and return Franken-Stitch his lost head!
Explore the mysterious island full of ancient puzzles and enigmas!
Reveal the mysteries of the ancient castle!
Save a professor finding an antidote from the werewolf’s curse!
Find all the symbols and get the answers to your questions!
Defeat the cunning wizard and return the magical artifact!
Make a journey to 6 fantastic realms and get ready to use magic!
Learn powerful spells by matching the rows of artifacts!
Extraordinary adventure of a cat looking for treasures hidden in the labyrinth!
Let Magic Tale enchanted you by its fabulous charms!
Defeat naughty caterpillars and big mushrooms and find the treasures!
Help Kwazi restore peace and harmony in the world!
Enjoy classical Mah Jong spiced up with new features!
Travel with Kwazi 72 years back and balance his destiny with a mah jong desk!
Celebrate Christmas and enjoy mahjong!
Remove Mahjong tokens and travel to a distant island!
Set out an amazing journey to the East!
Immerse into the fascinating world of mahjong!
Help reunite the royal family!
Enjoy the marvelous mahjong game in a romantic atmosphere!
Overcome lots of obstacles and save the beautiful princess!
Unmask the criminals and save the queen from the sinister plot!
Accompany small Mech in his adventures!
Enjoy the captivating bright arkanoid and escape from everyday routine!
Help the eccentric inventor create the machine to restore the kingdom!
Help Maria set her beloved free from the world of the dead!
Help the brave mole collect all the diamonds!
Build up your corporate empire on Mars and join the war!
Delve into the depths of the subconscious!
Enter the magical world of Miriel and help her to fulfill her dream!
Become a hero and rescue a far-away island!
Join Momo in the first episode of an epic adventure and save his tribe!
Punish the evil hunter and restore harmony in the monkey's world!
Have fun while matching the rows of treasures!
Help an ambitious journalist in her own investigation!
Become a real detective in the breathtaking game Mountain Crime: Requital!
Find the evidence and help famous detective writer to investigate the murder!
Build the best circus in the country!
Provide the clients with the perfect holiday service!
Explore the zombie island and break an ancient curse in Mysteries of the Undead!
Accompany Julia in her strange but remarkable adventure to the hidden fortune!
Stop the wicked necromancer from getting immortality!
Explore a mysterious city and solve the mystical layouts!
Immerse yourself in the entrancing world of Howard Lovecraft!
Plunge into the mystical and fairy-tale world!
Solve the most mystical layouts you've ever seen!
Collect all the evidence and find out the cruel criminal!
You have only 72 hours to find the professor - use them wisely!
Reveal all the secrets searching even in the darkest corners of the rooms!
Reveal the truth about secret experiments!
Become a professor's assistant and carry out genetic experiments on plants!
Find out a lot of secrets of the deep blue sea and fulfill your childhood dream!
Set off on the amazing adventure to the medieval past!
Turn your kingdom into powerful empire!
Help a brave knight save the kingdom!
Find Santa's missing reindeer to avoid a Yuletide cancellation!
Help the wolf find his lost son!
Experience a joy of wedding preparation and find all hidden objects.
Rescue the children of Hamelin in the fantastic retelling of the classic tale!
Help the funny creature explore the miraculous world!
Match the balls of the same color on the board in Oriental Dreams!
Help Rachel defeat the evil wizard in the magical kingdom and return home!
Become a successful manager of a pageant school!
Reveal the mystery of the great invention of Tesla!
Embark on an amazing journey through beautiful locations to the heart of India!
Restore the once blooming island and reveal the mysteries!
Every second counts in the breathtaking adventure!
Create your own character and become a successful citizen!
Feed piglets with ripe apples!
Help pirates find the Captain Flint’s incredible treasures!
Play now and experience the thrilling pirate adventures!
Win card duels and get a royal reward from Her Majesty!
Get the old treasure map to become incredibly rich!
Join PJ in her detective work and get the pets back to their owners!
Help the raccoon Poofik overcome all the obstacles safe and sound!
Help smart detectives solve crimes on the wedding fair!
Explore the mysterious train and reveal age-old secrets!
Dive into Puddle, go through molten lava and find the way out!
Fight with the most developed military force in the entire Universe!
Start the adventure and stabilize the Ancient Law!
Return Egypt to its former glory and win the favor of the gods!
Rediscover Red Riding Hood in an adventure with a surprisingly original twist!
Do your best to save all people, restore every building and collect precious gems!
Restore the ruined islands and rescue all citizens!
Save a town devastated by tornado!
Colonize the god-forsaken island and survive there!
Build a ship and leave the island that's absent from all maps!
Move stones to clear the territory from the monsters!
Take a wild and wonderful road trip through a fairy-tale realm!
Strengthen the kingdom's defense and beat off all attacks of the enemies!
Defend your lands from the monstrous invasion!
Construct homes for the island citizens and save them from the forces of nature!
Visit a lot of magnificent locations to play mahjong!
Break the evil curse and outwit the wicked witch!
Break the evil curse and outwit the wicked witch!
Help Santa Claus save Christmas!
Defeat the demons of the Seven Deadly Sins to close the gates to hell!
Brace yourself and see the wonderful places of mysterious Asia!
Dive into the breathtaking Eastern atmosphere of mystery!
Travel round the world in search of the powerful crystal skull!
Outwit hungry wolves and save warlike sheep!
Roll the dice and cast off for adventure during the Golden Age of Sail!
Do your best to escape from a cursed island!
Defeat enemies and prove your superiority!
Explore the eerie locations and train your quick wits!
Investigate the greatest mysteries!
Help Father Bagatti to find all the fragments of The Holy Lance!
Call on your courage to help Dylan find her friends and save their souls!
Customize your comic book hero and conquer the top slot of the Hall of Fame!
Guide your sheep to collect all the coins and renovate your sheep farm!
Discover the secret of the eerie Summer Camp!
Return the magic crystal to restore peace and harmony!
Protect the innocent fairies from the frightening aliens!
Go on a journey around the world and rescue it from rubbish!
Take part in a spy adventure with Mr. Mich in Sky Taxi 3: The Movie!
Join the team of the Sky Taxi and defeat the cruel monster!
Get rid of small monsters to protect the main character from nightmares!
Help the racer Jack Blair in his pursuit of Snark!
Help Elizabeth justify that her fiancé is not a thief!
Assist Kira in her pursuit of Snark!
Enjoy the holiday of your dream and get various awards!
Enjoy a relaxing cruise and have a bunch of fun!
Get ready for an exciting adventure on an island you could only dream of!
Play solitaire and enjoy Merry Christmas!
Outplay the homeowner and get a coveted prize!
Enjoy the absorbing Christmas solitaire and let all your wishes come true!
A brand new solitaire game experience – specially for this Halloween!
Recall the reminiscences of the jolly Halloween!
Cope with all the solitaire levels and celebrate Christmas!
It’s time to chill out with Jack Frost!
Believe in the power of frosty layouts and complete all of them!
Enjoy the ravishing Thanksgiving Day and play solitaire!
Enjoy the amazing solitaire game in a holiday of love!
Save the City of Magic Cards and remove the curse!
Enjoy hot summer time and train your logic skills!
Set off the relaxing journey to Hawaii and complete solitaire layouts!
Unleash your inner god-like powers and take part in creating the world!
Enjoy the pirate adventure and play solitaire!
Become a real pirate and add some excitement to your life!
Travel to the era of dinosaurs and play solitaire!
Play patience and enjoy love stories!
Travel to the Victorian era and practice your skills in solitaire!
120 aristocratic solitaire layouts await you!
Take part in exciting shooting game and explore the depths of gloomy catacombs!
Help Sprill to collect everything that's out of place in the distant future!
Collect all the hidden objects to evade the aliens' tests!
Escape from the aliens' clutches solving the riddles!
Get ready to fight with hoards of alien beasts as they attack the Earth!
Create your own medieval fortress and become the best player!
Visit spine-chilling locations and play stunning mini-games!
Enjoy the dynamic solitaire game and have a rest at the sunny beach!
Download Sudoku Adventures for free and set Amy free from this flying prison!
It is a perfect game for the farmer in everyone!
Comb graphically rich scenes for clues and save your boss from kidnappers!
Collect all the logs while jumping from one log to another!
Revive the dead worlds that make up a barren celestial wilderness!
Boost your logic skills and enjoy the holiday with age-old history!
Celebrate the traditional American holiday and have fun!
Fight with a mad scientist to set your master free!
Сonquer a dragon, face off against a giant plant and bring down a wicked witch!
Restore a fairy-tale realm by collecting elements and casting spells!
Help the desperate mother find her daughter!
Enjoy the pack of absorbing kids games and have fun!
Discover the ravishing underwater world with a yellow submarine!
Help the occult investigator to solve awful crimes in an amazing game The Gift.
Build your own town, find gold and become rich!
Uncover the greatest mystery of Houdini!
Create an antipode of Paradise in the Underworld for the newly dead!
Help castaways survive on the island, discover mysteries and get back home!
Investigate eerie high jinks and uncover a mystery of a ghostly appearance!
Grow vegetables, sell them and become the best farmer in the fairy land!
Reveal the eerie secret of the family’s old lake house!
Explore the China Empire and get treasures!
Solve the mystery of the dark castle and set the Prince free!
Reveal the secrets of the magic tower and stop the conflict between the sisters!
Travel to the ancient lands and gather all 7 powerful artifacts!
Solve a horrifying supernatural mystery!
Overcome all the obstacles to return warmth to the land!
Help the main character save the kingdom!
Repair the Time Machine and save the world from catastrophes and plagues!
Solve all the captivating puzzles to find a way to a secret Aztec city!
Find the Aztec treasures while matching the bright tokens!
Immerse into the Aztec world full of brilliant puzzles!
Help Alex to solve puzzles of the Mystery Island and come back to his fiancee!
Return to the present before a volcano spews its lava!
Solve cunning puzzles and help a shaman save an island!
Poor animals need your help – guide them with the help of arrows!
Help Timothy protect the land of Oz from the Dwarf King!
Provide Santa with lots of toys to return Christmas!
Search the ocean bottom in chase of numerous treasures!
Take part in a journey to the island where pirates have buried their treasures!
Capture untold treasures and navigate buccaneer-infested waters!
Embark on a globetrotting adventure to unearth an amazing artifact!
Can your powers of puzzle-solving save your tribe?
Join the race for survival!
Help Turtix evade punishment and fix the magic amulet!
Enjoy playing with a funny little turtle!
Welcome to a new horror saga that will help you explore the emotion of fear!
Create dungeons to provide the monsters with houses!
Set off a romantic adventure and solve brain training griddlers!
A great objects searching game with strange mysteries for adventures' adorers!
Uncover the mystery of an unknown disease and get out of the evil town!
Reveal the blood-curdling truth about a ghost town!
Help vampires stop the zombie invasion!
Help the Vikings save their land and defeat savages!
Prepare your weapons and save the universe from evil!
Turn a small settlement to a great Town and become the Konung of the Kingdom!
Join the League of Voyagers to set fantasy free!
Reveal your magic powers in a phantasy kingdom of Gaia!
Become the owner of a pet shop!
Make your own weather and reap the rich harvest!
The power of the elements is in your hands! Use them to reclaim the kingdom!
Command powerful forces of nature to free an island from the evil!
Destroy the wicked shaman to restore the kingdom!
Return to the Fairy Gate Park to solve crimes!
Explore the Fairy Gate Park to reveal the eerie truth about mysterious events!
Prove you can defeat the hordes of aliens alone!
Reveal the truth about Bigfoot together with Linda!
Plunge into the wonderful world of the zoo and save it from closing!