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Dark Orbit
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Dark Orbit

Dark Orbit is an exciting game. Participate in intergalactic battles and become the best player! At first you will choose the company you will fight for, and then with the help of a tutorial you will learn what to do. From the first minutes of the game you are to save an attacked spaceship from dangerous aliens! Shoot at them or use missiles to cope with the enemy faster. After you rescue the attacked spaceship you need to teleport to the safe zone. There you will get your quests. Fulfill them and you will get new facilities for your ship or new ammunition supplies. You can also collect different kinds of ore. But your main goal is to collect uridium, which is the most expensive ore in the universe. You can find it on the alien spaceships or in the bonus boxes. Fight with the enemies and get scores for that. After the battle the special robot will help you repair your spacecraft. The more scores you get, the bigger ship you can choose. You can teleport to other galaxies to participate in the battles. But remember – the further you travel, the more dangerous aliens you meet! If you play in Dark Orbit every day you will get bonuses! During the intergalactic missions you will be able to communicate with your allies by chat. Organize the attacks on aliens and work out your own strategy! Become the best player in the game Dark Orbit and defeat all enemies!