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Burglars Adventure
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Burglars Adventure

Wondering what kind of people can rob people's houses and expropriate the valuable things without any punishment? See all this in the game of tricky and cunning thieves who are funny and dexterous! Burglars Adventure is a puzzling game that allows you feel the thrill and danger of a criminal's life! All you have to do is to look for and finally get the safe with the most precious stuff and get the reward, what can be better then such little jokes. In the level you are given a house, several keys and they are of different colors - later you'll know why. During the game you'll face numerous obstacles and will have to deal with the timed mode - the clock is ticking, so hurry up! Burglars Adventure lets you entertain yourself as well as train your brain and show the speed of puzzle solving. And what can be better than a long hoped-for reward expressed in gold or cash or gems! Beware of neighbors, take care and try to be as silent as it's possible as you may not be the only one in the house! Burglars Adventure is a free game available today and is always yours to command any time of the day and night - just don't forget to watch your own flat, man! So choose the best way to accomplish the task and get away with enormous sum of money in your bag. Be the first to finish the burglary and get additional points. Gain the glory of the best player and beat the record of the previous champion. Get it free and enjoy the game endlessly - train your brain and legs!