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Need For Extreme - Game Play Racing
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Categories: Action, Racing, Shooting, Car

Need For Extreme

Welcome to the world of the most extreme racers. Here is the high-rated top! Pick one of four awesome race cars and get inside! Need For Extreme is here to entertain you and overflow with adrenaline and emotions! It's time to increase your pulse overtaking dangerous tracks one after another. The track is straight but far from easy. Move left and right turning away from bumpers at high speed! Avoid water and don't touch rocks! Your time is limited for each level and you have a few lives for the whole game! Be careful and keep in mind that after losing all of them you start from the beginning, after you hear the audience laughing out loud! Yes, Need For Extreme is a perfect game for the really tough guys! Accept a challenge in a heavy traffic with your skills and reaction! Listen to the energetic soundtrack and go on picking up the necessary bonuses and power-ups! Extra speed makes you fly like a jet, while the heavy machine gun removes stuff from your way! You'll be lucky as you can get some extra lives during race and they let you last longer and longer in this awesome competition! Cross finish line before the time is at the point of zero to get extra points for each saved second! Three lanes of rage and unpredictable obstacles are to be eaten by your iron beast! Buckle up and make the speedo arrow go round! No matter if you play it in a window or full screen mode, you still get full portion of adrenaline and impressions! Download Need For Extreme without any delay and enjoy conquering roads and being the best!
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Download Need For Extreme - Game Play Racing Download Need For Extreme - Game Play Racing Download Need For Extreme - Game Play Racing


Decent visualization
Energetic soundtrack and SFX
Intelligible interface
Game Play Racing - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP or better
Pentium 200mhz or better
15 MB hard drive space
800x600 display resolution mode or higher
High or true color highly recommended
DirectX 5.0 or better
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