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Xing Backgammon
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Xing Backgammon

Long time ago when there were no PSP and even Nintendo people entertained themselves with board games and created new ones with modernized rules every century! Backgammon is a member of the board games family, one of the oldest board games in the world. If you are not eager to play all those action games and want something thought-provoking and relaxing at the same time - why not choose backgammon or trictrac? It's like a simple version of chess - less difficult and faster. So if you have made up your mind we are here to show you a new game - Xing Backgammon. There are two players and dices are thrown randomly so pray for luck! Your opponent will make your moves impossible and try to block your way to the other side of the board. The rules in backgammon are quite simple. When one player finishes bearing off all of his 15 checkers before the other player has succeeded in bearing off even one of his checkers. The results in the final value point being twice the amount the Backgammon Doubling Cube shows. A player wins when he or she removes all of the checkers while the other player still has checkers in the winner's home board. Xing Backgammon is an absolutely new and very realistic version of the game that will capture your mind and provoke new way of thinking and analyzing - ahead of the opponent. Here you have options that are impossible in real life - you can undo your moves if you have changed your mind! Although luck is involved and factors into the outcome, strategy plays a more important role in the long run. So outmaneuver your rival! Be two steps ahead in Xing Backgammon!

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