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Xeno Assault
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Categories: Action, Shooting, Space

Xeno Assault

In the great game Xeno Assault you are a brave pilot and it happens that one day you are to save our beloved planet Earth. The powerful fleet of the aliens decided to conquer the Earth all of a sudden but unfortunately (and fortunately for the human beings!) they meet you while crawling to their target. You are an experienced soldier and you know what to do to prevent the invasion - you call the bases on the Earth and ask for help. But somebody has to stop the aliens while the reinforcement is coming. Yes, in the stunning game Xeno Assault you are to face with the hordes of wild creatures! Don't give them any chance as in the beginning they thought they could defeat you easily. This gives you a pause to think a little, choose the best strategy and learn the habits of the aliens. They've made a great mistake having sent only several spaceships to meet you - you easily beat them all and get their weapon. Now you are even more powerful and can deal with more invaders! Don't forget that during every 10th stage of the level you'll meet a boss. So collect as much armor as you can and don't forget to pick up extra lives - they will be extremely useful during this fight! Heavy metal music accentuates the battle character of the game while energetic SFX will definitely improve your mode. Download the awesome game Xeno Assault right now. Enjoy it absolutely for free and defeat the whole alien fleet!


Download Xeno Assault Download Xeno Assault Download Xeno Assault


3 modes to choose from
Numerous stages
Hordes of enemies
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista/7
Processor 400 Mhz or better
64 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.1
based on

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