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Hidden World Of Art
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Hidden World Of Art

Meet Lana Vassari, the main hero of this game. Lana's parents took her to a special art school when she was a child, and now the girl is fond of painting. She left school and went to a small town to become a restorer and to make the well-known paintings better. The Hidden World Of Art provides you with the chance to help Lana Vassari with her professional restoring. 50 and even more paintings are waiting for our eye and hands. Who is going to order restorations? Businessmen and customers like gallery owners. Priceless masterpieces of the XV-XIX century and famous pictures will be restored soon… Try to be Picasso for a while! Get ready to make some masterpieces and fine art. There is no need to go to the Hermitage or the Louvre - the real museum of paintings is opening now and here, at your place. So make your first step to the mystic and beautiful fine art. Hidden World Of Art will answer you to one important question: are you a born artist or not? Nevertheless, you'll get some precious inspiration! Art kingdom is magnificent and waiting for such really cute professionals as you are. It will show you the secrets of real restorers for you to distinguish one from the other and originals from copies. Impressive and sensitive game, the Hidden World of Art, offers players a variety of unique opportunities. Definitely, you are not only the great painter for an hour, but also the clever restorer. Get closer to the real art and enjoy this exciting game.