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Search For The Wonderland
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Search For The Wonderland

Explore the eerie locations and train your quick wits in the atmospheric hidden object game Search For The Wonderland! Are you sick and tired of the everyday routine? It’s high time to dive into the dark yet miraculous world of sinister locations and numerous hidden object scenes! Launch the game Search For The Wonderland if you are not fearful and dive into the depths of gloomy yet picturesque world! What will be more captivating than looking for the lost items from the list? So don’t waste a second! Choose any location you like: there are lots of them! Go to the devastated Railway Station, visit the dangerous Doomed Swamps, or appear in the Lost Prison. Or maybe you prefer something gloomier? Then the Sanctuary, dark Crypt or thick Forest are at your disposal! Are you ready to try both your skills and luck and cope with all the tasks? Go to the chosen location and you’ll see a list of items to find. Do your best to find everything the quickest possible and get lots of amazing rewards! If you are stuck, use a hint at the bottom right corner, but keep in mind that if you manage to finish the task without using hints, you’ll get extra rewards and your high score will be better! What a strange story is hiding behind the ordinary hidden object scenes? Reveal this age-old mystery and plunge into the whirlpool of ancient secrets in the game Search For The Wonderland! With whom the mysterious location Sister’s Room is connected to? Where is its inhabitant? It’s up to you to put this strange case into the limelight! Become the detective, find all the hidden objects and uncover the old mystery in the game Search For The Wonderland! Choose either the Hardcore mode, or the Relaxed mode to escape from the dull reality and entertain yourself! Boost your quick wits and get smarter with the tons of beautiful hidden object scenes! Play the Search For The Wonderland and become a keen-eyed expert in hidden object games!