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The Godfather is never forgotten with the mafia. The plot about bad criminals is very captivating! Join the story in a game that is full of riddles and flagitious events. You are solving the puzzles of the past so get ready for new mysteries and characters appearing on the stage. The main hero is Nino who is the son of a woman who used to have strong ties with the mafia branch. But after a while she realized that she didn't want such a fate for her three sons. They moved to another state and city but it didn't change anything. Wisegal is a riddle game when the player is looking for clues that will help to uncover past secrets. Don't waste time - hurry up to find all the objects given in the task list and succeed to get the reward. It's a continuous story full of thrilling moments - you'll have to rack your brains. Be a swift player and play puzzles in the best way. There are various difficulties ahead and the story develops in a strange way uncovering the details of the past and leaving constant desire to know more. Wisegal is a good example of a thrilling game play with numerous objects to look for and various types of clues needed. Your goal is to accomplish all the tasks given and to learn more about the family. Wisegal is a free downloadable game so there is no chances to stay away from it as it captivates and doesn't let you be indifferent. Gain the glory of the best riddle solver and score points for speed and attention.


Download Wisegal - Free mafia game Download Wisegal - Free mafia game Download Wisegal - Free mafia game


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System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1.7 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
95 Mb of hard drive space
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