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Weird Planet
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Weird Planet

This action game is not exactly similar to the one you played with guys in the yard. Though quite similar. You may have imagined such situations quite often: you are alone on a weird planet full of monsters and creatures from the other worlds. So here you are in the game Weird Planet. You are a lonely soldier left alone on the planet which is abundant in miscellaneous giant spooky insects running towards you and not giving you a chance to survive. Get ready for a breathtaking adventure! Weird Planet is one of the games that doesn't give you time to realize what's going on, where to go and what to do - you just act intuitively. Isn't it similar to wildlife and hunting? Every time you start a level you need to realize what ammo and weapons are in stock otherwise you won't be able to shoot the weapon you need. You can lead your warrior and complete your missions using mouse or keyboard, as well as you can change the weapons on your own. You are able to move quicker or slow down - so you can regulate the game process and choose your own rhythm. What is more there are always some new strange species of monsters waiting for you. Those who like scary movies won't be disappointed for sure! The landscape and musical background create the atmosphere of a really dangerous adventure. Join the planet defender and clear it from the creatures inhabiting it using your attention, speed and high level skills. Struggle and hit back, attack and choose the best tactics! Download the game Weird Planet and have fun!