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Trio: The Great Settlement
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Trio: The Great Settlement

Welcome to Trio: The Great Settlement - a mind blowing liberation adventure! Orbics are kind and funny creatures - they are round and multicolored. They used to live on their planet Orb till the times when evil powers came and imprisoned them. Now orbics are separated and caged so they are waiting for you to rescue them. Choose a mode which suits you most and get started with Trio: The Great Settlement! Choose normal or relaxed mode and select any level from either of them. The game play is truly amazing - use your mouse to aim boxes grouped at the bottom of the field, left-click to drop an orbic in a box and match three or more orbics. Once semi-colored orbics are matched they get free and bring you scores. Make combos - that is more than 3 orbics matched - to get extra scores. Watch the clocks to see how much time is left to complete a level. A flask on the right shows your level progress. A level is complete when all the orbics are free. Try not to let the pile of orbics rise higher than the red laser line otherwise the old mechanisms helping you to throw boxes with orbics will get damaged. This game stands out among all the games of the same match 3 genre thanks to its unique game mechanics. There are no strict geometrical rules which means you can match the boxes with orbics not only horizontally or vertically but also diagonally and even when the boxes are just a little bit adjacent to each other! Even when the boxes are attached with just a touch of a corner there will be a blast anyway and orbics will get free. Enjoy the graphics and outstanding mechanical freedom, generously granted by the developers! Set the orbics free! Download Trio: The Great Settlement now!