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Treasure Pyramid
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Treasure Pyramid

One day two archeologists found some ancient writings on a stone wall in one of the Pharaoh's tombs. It was obvious that the inscription was thousand years old. They could not even imagine how this discovery would change their lives! The scientists studied the hieroglyphs and understood that they were about the Treasure Pyramid. Moreover, there was a detailed map on the wall showing the way to the riches. The archeologists decided to continue their journey but now they need someone who can solve the puzzles left by the ancient civilization. Help the brave scientists! Join them in search for the Treasure Pyramid and unveil the secrets left by the Pharaohs. Your first point of destination is the Ankh temple. Then you will cross the dangerous Shrine Mountains. You also visit the phantom portal in order to remove the curse. The journey will be long and difficult. To solve all the puzzles in the game Treasure Pyramid successfully you should know that there is a playing field with figures of different colors and shapes. You will be moving them in order to form rows of the same ones. They disappear if you combine three together. If you manage to combine four figures you will get a bonus bomb. With its help you will be able to get rid of all the nearby elements. And if you are lucky enough to combine five pieces you will get a super bonus. Want to know what it does? Then download the game Treasure Pyramid and find out. Go for the treasures!