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Time To Hurry: Nicole's Story
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Time To Hurry: Nicole's Story

Time To Hurry: Nicole's Story is an exciting game in which you will help Nicole with her career. After the university Nicole had a job which she didn't enjoy. One evening she saw an advertisement in a newspaper and learnt that her grandmother was going to sell her little shop. She explained that she was too old for this stressful job and Nicole decided that it was her chance to change her life and find the work that she would really like. Granny told her what she was supposed to do. Pay attention as you will be helping Nicole during her first days in the shop! When the customers come and ask for some things, you need to find them very quickly and take the money. You think it's not hard at all? Then look at the shop in the game Time To Hurry: Nicole's Story: it is a mess! All the things are lying on the wrong places and it's very difficult to find them. But don't give up if you can't locate something: you can use a magnifying glass which will immediately show you the item you're looking for. But hurry up! There are a lot of customers and if they don't get what they want they will be disappointed with you, Nicole and the shop! Moreover, in Time To Hurry: Nicole's Story there are different mini-games such as puzzles and riddles. If you are tired of looking for the things in the shop you can solve a riddle just for a change and then continue working. You probably don't even know how some of the things the customers want are called. For example, do you know what a crowbar is? So maybe Time To Hurry: Nicole's Story will even enrich your vocabulary!

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