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Mermaid Adventures: the Frozen Time
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Mermaid Adventures: the Frozen Time

Save the underwater world from an evil Octopus in a gorgeous game Mermaid Adventures: the Frozen Time! A mermaid Alice goes to the Sorceress – a wise Turtle. From the Turtle she learns that an evil Octopus has just stolen a magic clock and stopped the time. The Turtle's house is protected be magical spells that is the Sorceress and Alice are still awake. Help the brave mermaid find all the parts of the magical clock and save her world in the colorful game Mermaid Adventures: the Frozen Time! Visit the Sand Bank, Blue Lagoon, Coral Reef, Deep Sea Rocks and Underwater Cave where the evil Octopus hides! The challenging Match 3 levels are waiting for you! Make the chains with the tokens and destroy all sand tiles to complete the level. The longer the chains are, the more scores you get. Watch out! Soon the evil Octopus will try to prevent you from collecting the clock parts and will send jellyfish to the playing field. You can't make chains with them. Moreover there will be frozen tiles and chained tiles to make the game more difficult! Wake your friends up one by one from the everlasting dream! Start with Crabby. Collect the hidden objects in your friend's house and solve the puzzle with his image! For your achievements you will get wonderful trophies! If you are smart and quick-witted you will be awarded with a Dolphin statuette. Earn 10000 points and get a Seahorse award! Wake the underwater world up from the everlasting dream in the game Mermaid Adventures: the Frozen Time!