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Targeted Descent
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Targeted Descent

Welcome to the captivating game Targeted Descent! This game is another example of a conceptual Match 3 game - familiar game type yet fresh and innovative! Here you are to place colorful totem pieces in piles. The pieces come down in columns of three pieces. Items of the same color disappear once you place them on the top of one of the piles. You can change the order of pieces shuffling them. The game is easy to control with cursor arrows. You can move in rounds choosing an appropriate pile to place totems on. Targeted Descent surprisingly resembles 3D Tetris: the pieces fall down in portions - just like in Tetris, you have a hint in the right upper corner which means you can see which combination of pieces is coming down next. It helps to plan your next step strategically and you know where to place the totem at the moment. But still, that's not Tetris exactly. In the game Targeted Descent there's no variety of shapes and forms - here you'll find only columns of 3. And the process of landing is simple - just place the combinations on the piles in accordance with color, not shape. The game stands out thanks to its unusual marry-go-round motion pattern. The game in fact illustrates what an unlimited source of inspiration Match 3 genre is. The same matching techniques can be given so many forms and can undergo so many transformations that the true fans of Match 3 genre of casual games will never get bored. Download the colorful game Targeted Descent totally for free right now!