Strike Ball 2

Strike Ball 2 - Download free ball game
Download Strike Ball 2 - Download free ball game
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Categories: Arcade, Kids, Shooting

Strike Ball 2

Outstanding and unbelievably cool arcade game Strike Ball 2 welcomes you! This is one of the most awesome samples of shoot-the-ball games. The rules are just a piece of cake - shoot your ball and move the platform with your mouse. The main objectives are to destroy all that can be destroyed and prevent the ball from falling down. You can enjoy this game without any time limits! Terminate weird castles and spiders, send to dust volcanoes and submarines - you are about to be surprised by so many different constructions built to be destroyed. Catch falling trophy after each level and proceed to the next. Rotate the board wherever you want, just click and hold right mouse button and move the device in any direction. In the thrilling 3D Strike Ball 2 everything seems to be possible. Catch the amazing power-ups and experience the absolute entertainment removing whole rows of objects away from the board. Or plug in the ion cannon and shoot with the explosive laser from space directly at the blocks. Use the machine gun and heavy cannon with limited quantity of bullets. Increase the ball's size so that nothing except for the board walls could stop it. You will also like to double it and change its behavior by picking the hexagon bonus. It is so hard to remember all the bonuses and anti-bonuses you will need to save print screen with all descriptions. Enjoy any of two available level modes with 100 of unrepeatable boards each. Don't waste time and download this awesome game Strike Ball 2 for free right now!
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Download Strike Ball 2 - Download free ball game Download Strike Ball 2 - Download free ball game Download Strike Ball 2 - Download free ball game


200 of unique levels
About 30 bonuses and anti-bonuses
Different enemies to challenge and destroy
Impressive gameplay
Download free ball game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor 600 Mhz or better
128 Mb RAM
30 Mb of hard drive space
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