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Secret Journeys: Cities of the World
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Secret Journeys: Cities of the World

Try to find animals and objects skillfully hidden all over the world in the game Secret Journeys: Cities of the World! You need to be careful and attentive! You will get 250 points for every object found but you will lose 30 points in case you are mistaken. You can always use a hint but there are only 3 of them for every puzzle. You will either have the list of the objects to be found or only their shadows! The variety of hidden objects is impressive. You need to search in the streets, patio, market, and at different sights. The scenes are very colorful. There are 2 game modes - casual mode and timed one. Want to play a more difficult game? Then go ahead and choose timed mode. You will have only 5 minutes at the beginning of the level. But don't worry you'll get extra time as soon as you find the right object. The more mysteries you solve the more difficult it gets! The number of hidden objects will grow. You are not only to find hidden objects but to solve puzzles as well! Put the tiles in the correct places to make a complete picture. The game Secret Journeys: Cities of the World is perfect for those who like the hidden objects genre. Do you want to exercise your ability to concentrate? Will you be attentive enough to reveal all the secrets? If you are keen on solving puzzles then you will definitely like the game Secret Journeys: Cities of the World.