Sea Journey

Sea Journey - sea game
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Categories: Puzzle, Adventure, Match 3

Sea Journey

Sea Journey is a perfect invitation to the marvelous world of water. Do you feel sun on your skin and fresh breeze in your hair? The sea battles are starting in this match 3 game. Thrilling story line and original gameplay of Sea Journey will absorb you. Choose one of two parts of the playing area, and then try your strength on the field or take part in the sea battles above it. Put matching items one by one trying to make a line, it will change the game and bring you some profit. Make a line of cannon balls, and it will help you in cannon-shooting; if you get a few wheels, it will improve your ship maneuvering skills. You should not only destroy all the enemies, but also do it fast and be the most accurate. Moreover, upgrade your ship with the help of different scrolls. Each gem gives you some specific abilities and coins let you buy new ship. Don't lose even one of your three moves which you have for every turn, and being successful in matching 4-5 items, take some extra moves! Sea Journey is a realistic game with a variety of tips and hints for the victory. Advanced graphics makes the story line more spectacular and bright - Aivazovsky will envy you. Music with realistic sound effects makes the process of playing more impressive. Additionally, you may locate your battle in one or another place enjoying storms in a harbor or the sunset over the horizon. Also there is a chance to choose one of 4 ship types and each has its own advantages. Be the best seaman and admiral!


Download Sea Journey - sea game Download Sea Journey - sea game Download Sea Journey - sea game


Stylish gameplay
Advanced and realistic graphics
50 levels
Interesting main plot and 7 mini-games
Romantic and catchy atmosphere
sea game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Processor 500 Mhz or better
64 Mb RAM
50 Mb of hard drive space
16 Mb of video memory
DirectX 8.0
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