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Robbie: Unforgettable Adventures
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Robbie: Unforgettable Adventures

Do you remember your childhood? What did you do at home? Of course, you watched cartoons on TV and when your mother came you had to switch off the TV and so you went to play with the favorite toys: cars, toy-soldiers and… robots! Each boy must have them in his collection. Children like to build houses and even to create the whole planets for them. And what would you say if you learnt such planets do exist in reality? And it's really so. Together with Robbie: Unforgettable Adventures all your dreams can come true! But don't hurry! On one of those planets a catastrophe is taking place: all the resources have come to an end. Everything has changed and sadness together with devastation came instead of the happiness and freedom. Now cute and clever robot Robbie wants to save his home, his family and friends with his own forces. But the task can be too complicated for him. Perhaps, you'll be able to solve the problem together with Robbie. Join him right now and get ready for the journey full of dangerous adventures and unexpected difficulties. The search of the minerals may take a lot of time so be strong and tolerant travelling to the other planets. Collect resources and concentrate on accomplishing your goals in Robbie: Unforgettable Adventures. The game is so addictive that you soon won't be able to give up it! The whole process will provide you with hours of fun. Listen to perfect sounds, get good results and travel from level to level getting scores. But don't forget about those who live on the planets. Reach success in Robbie: Unforgettable Adventures to save Robbie's galaxy and be proud of yourself!