Raxx. The painted dog

Raxx. The painted dog
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Raxx. The painted dog

The cute dog from the new game Raxx. The painted dog was very curious. When he found a strange drawing of the exciting place he decided to explore it immediately and stepped on it. At that very moment his life had completely changed and he found himself in the magical world of somebody's drawings. Help poor pet come back home as soon as possible but don't forget to enjoy the environment in the captivating adventure. How to cross the furious stream or climb up the incredibly high hill? Everything is possible in the stunning game Raxx. The painted dog! First of all, you have a crayon that can be used everywhere on the screen. Draw a saving bridge and Raxx will be happy to follow your directions and cross the river. Extend the line from one platform to another and the dog will be satisfied eating his favorite sweet bone. Don't forget to collect them all – remember that your pet needs energy while running, jumping and overcoming various obstacles. The bones are ideal for him to refill his energy resources. Whenever you understand that you've made a mistake and your bridge or string is not helpful anymore you can use the eraser and delete everything you've just created. What a pity! But don't waste time - if you complete the task within the certain amount of time you'll get a golden medal! Or a silver one. Download the game Raxx. The painted dog right now and enjoy the great game absolutely for free!


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Nice gameplay
Thrilling adventure
Magical pencils
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0