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Rainbow Web 2

Welcome to the mesmerizing Rainbow Kingdom! The magnificent Palace was painted in myriads of finest color tints and shone brightly at dawn. The life in the Rainbow Kingdom was placid and calm, but that marvelous time had passed and an awful and disgusting Sorcerer Spider came to slave the peaceful land with its inhabitants. The wicked Spider threw a huge sticky web over the whole Kingdom. The magnificent colors of the rainbow went away, fear and sorrow came to human souls instead. They had only a slight hope for the revival of the lost prosperity and freedom. But good things do happen: there appeared one young man who was very kind and brave and who could return the Kingdom its forsaken colors. But don't think it was the end to all the misfortunes. Now you're called to the breathtaking game Rainbow Web 2 to save the wonderful Kingdom from the Spider, his dark powers and spells. Isn't the fear of unknown a good challenge for you? Help the inhabitants throw the disgusting web away and banish the cunning Spider. Cope with each of 82 complicated levels and pass through the 14 rooms with special tasks in the game Rainbow Web 2. This game is a perfect mix of Puzzle and Hidden Object, enjoy all the mini-games and rack your brains! Have fun in the game Rainbow Web 2 and enjoy perfect fairy-tale game style, its cartoonish effects and pleasant music!
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Download Rainbow Web 2 - Play Games Download Rainbow Web 2 - Play Games Download Rainbow Web 2 - Play Games


82 levels
Captivating plot
14 rooms with non-trivial tasks
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System Requirements

Operation System: Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista
DirectX Version: 7.0
Processor: Pentium 800 Mhz
RAM: 512 Mb
Hard drive space: 50 Mb
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