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Paradise In Trouble
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Paradise In Trouble

As a pure angel you can fly and defend the Heaven border in this fabulous and dynamic game Paradise In Trouble! What can be better than becoming an unsurpassed example of ideal Heaven Defender and a hero! First, find the balance not to get burnt by lava below - it reduces your life level and the game will be soon over for you. Use all your dexterity to fly as high as it's possible and shoot the balloons and devils with your arrow. Every time you face an evil creature - you have to approach it and destroy as quickly as possible. The reward is the score you earn and a new level you go to. Paradise In Trouble is a game where you earn points for being good and fast! Use your key buttons for exact moves and strike the enemy with your sacred weapon. Your task is to stay on the good side and protect what you are obliged to! In this struggle against the evil you will face lots of opponents that will try to escape from you - don't let them go through the Heaven Border and be attentive with your moves! This is an outstanding game for those who like challenges and swift moves! Download Paradise In Trouble and check what level of skill you own before the evil forces capture the Heaven! Amazing graphics and sounds won't let you get bored and you'll see something interesting, new and exciting during every game level. Don't miss a chance to prove you are on the right side and able to protect the good! Save your paradise and get the reward as well as the pleasure from the game process.