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Nanny 911

Are the kids nervous and naughty? Is the younger son crying all the time? Does nobody of the children obey? Well, it's always like this when parents have no idea of what to do and how to control those little monsters. So when time comes and it's impossible to keep calm anymore people just call Nanny 911. It's a common practice among those whose life has become an endless chain of washing and cleaning combined with looking after crazy kids rushing like headless chickens around the house. Now look what a mess they've done! When parents feel lost and frustrated Nanny 911 is ready to help. Three well-educated women with good manners and years of experience will come to the families waiting for fixing the situation. Small children bring big problems and nanny will have to work hard. Try it yourself. Direct the mother in cleaning the flat and looking after the kids. But get ready to make right decisions: the flat is so large and while parents are trying to cope with one problem their sons and daughters are already destroying something new. So choose one of three nannies and come to those adults to show that children can be obedient and to give them peace and calmness back. Nanny 911 is a nice relaxing game with pretty graphics and 5 cartooned families for you to look after. Fill your free time with a constant action, be attentive and concentrated to get good results and please the family with what you've done. Combine your skills with effective tactics and the clients will be grateful. Save good reputation of Nanny 911!


Download Nanny 911 - Free babysitting games Download Nanny 911 - Free babysitting games Download Nanny 911 - Free babysitting games


Watch bright characters
Pass 70 challenging levels
Choose a nanny you like
Play mini-game
Help disappointed parents
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System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
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