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My Farm Life 2
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My Farm Life 2

Do you want to be in the limelight and take part in the most popular TV-show, but you don't like its format? It's high time to take part in the new project where there are neither gossips nor quarrels. If you like the idea, the game My Farm Life 2 is for you! The new TV-shows where you can test yourself become more and more successful and that's really good. Help Lisa and her friends cultivate crops and get rich harvest. In the time management game My Farm Life 2 you'll have to become a real farmer: grow different kinds of crops and flowers, rear sheep and cows and even learn how to make honey! You'll pass through the detailed tutorial and know the art of farm-running to a nicety. It's easy enough, just follow the game tips and you'll be a success in it. Your major client is the head of the supermarkets network Carlos, he always pays cash, that's why his orders are in high priority. Buy seeds and tools in the shop, make new beds for flowers and vegetables and get rich harvest! While packing the orders, you earn the rate that allows you to call the volunteers. These unskillful boys and girls can help you reap the harvest, saving your priceless time. In the sequel My Farm Life 2 you are able to make tomato juice from the very first level. A client wants to taste fruit juice? No problem, the squeezer is available in the shop even for sluggish famers. Play the game My Farm Life 2 and earn lots of achievements and awards, try to play as an Expert when you'll cope with 5 episodes. Become the skillful farmer and take part in the catching TV-show My Farm Life 2 at the roof of the highest skyscraper!
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Download My Farm Life 2 Download My Farm Life 2 Download My Farm Life 2


3 game modes
150 levels
Dynamic gameplay
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.1
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