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Match Gems Evolved
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Match Gems Evolved

Match Gems Evolved is a new kind of puzzle: explore alien worlds as you build combinations of gems to increase your score. This interstellar matching game is sure to keep you on your toes. Visit futuristic worlds as you puzzle your way through many levels of matching fun and build combinations to increase your score, or switch to untimed mode for a more relaxing experience. The beautiful scenery and soundtrack which accompanies each level of Match Gems Evolved provides an otherworldly experience that is sure to set the mood for this feature length puzzle game. With custom animations and effects, Match Gems Evolved is an exciting peek into alien worlds that will keep your mind sharp and your fingers quick. Unlike many Match 3 games which use the same tired mechanics, Match Gems Evolved brings you a new way to play this puzzle classic. Three gems appear as a set from the bottom of the screen, and must be flung together upward onto the board. This exciting new way of thinking about matching will keep you entertained for many hours of fun. Feel yourself become immersed in the truly unique experience offered by Match Gems Evolved, and start your journey through the stars today!

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