Alice's Magical Mahjong - Tile Game

Alice's Magical Mahjong - Tile game
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Alice's Magical Mahjong - Tile game

Now you can remember your favorite childhood fairy tale and find yourself in the world of fantasy and adventure with a wonderful game Alice's Magical Mahjong. Once Alice was sitting on a lawn and noticed a white rabbit which winked at her and then jumped into a little hole. Alice was surprised and decided to follow him. As soon as she reached the pit she suddenly fell into it. She was even more amazed as it was not a small hole now but a large and deep tunnel. Alice was falling for so long that she already lost track of time. When she finally landed she saw the white rabbit which just grinned and ran away. Alice followed him. Now you and the girl are in the unknown world where you'll discover the secrets of the country of miracles. And believe me, there are lots of them here. First of all, you will almost drown in the pool of tears. Then you will see a caucus-race, listen to the caterpillar's advice and visit a mad tea-party. In the game Alice's Magical Mahjong you will have to cope with different tasks. First, find the white rabbit in the room. He is very cunning and likes to play hide-and-seek. If it is too hard the magical elixir will help you. After you solve that riddle you will deal with various puzzles. Collect the same tiles and move on to the next levels of Alice's Magical Mahjong. But remember, you have limited time so hurry up! There are also special bonuses which will help you cope with all the tasks. Follow the white rabbit and you will eventually find your way home.


Download Alice's Magical Mahjong - Tile game Download Alice's Magical Mahjong - Tile game Download Alice's Magical Mahjong - Tile game


Breathtaking plot
Lots of mini-games
Excellent animation
Hints and bonuses
Tile game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
128 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.1