Magic Tea

Magic Tea - Download marble game
Download Magic Tea - Download marble game
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Categories: Puzzle, Brain Teaser, Shooting

Magic Tea

Would like a small cup of magic Tea? With great pleasure but finish all the numerous levels first. This awesome game is ready to entertain you and make you forget about the routines of the everyday life. The rules seem to be familiar and simple - demolish the line of the colorful balls shooting with your ball gun and create the rows of at least 3 balls of the similar color. Sick and tired of tones of the games with the same rules? Wait a second - give this game a chance and you'll be amazed by the gorgeous 3D animation. First, you think that you see a simple background picture, pretty enough but nothing special. Next moment it appears that all the object on the table are involved in the game process and your ball can bounce off if it meets one of them on its way. And this is especially disappointing if you shoot with the ball stuffed with powerful bonus! Alas, in vein! Feel free to choose from 3 modes available in the colorful game Magic Tea. The rules are the same in Action, Arcade and Classic ones - what really matters is the angle of view. Within Action mode you have the gun with the ball in front of your eyes, with the second one you shout from under the table and the last one is surely the most familiar to you as you push the ball from the edge of the table. Don't lose your chance to entertain yourself with no limits! Download the fascinating game Magic Tea right now absolutely for free and have a cup of it for breakfast, lunch and supper. Anytime you want it!


Download Magic Tea - Download marble game Download Magic Tea - Download marble game Download Magic Tea - Download marble game


3 unusual game modes
8 powerful bonuses
Awesome 3D visuals
Download marble game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
128 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.0
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