Magic Life
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Magic Life

If you don't believe in some mystic powers and think that our life is simpler than some of us see it then it's high time for you to make friends with powerful wizards who lead Magic Life. It's very useful sometimes for all of us to learn more about other worlds and their inhabitants. We now want you to put on wonderful mantle and try your hand at the Conclaves competition. If you pass through all the tests and become a winner of them you'll not only believe in other worlds but become the most powerful wizard of all times. But to gain the victory and prove you really deserve the first prize you'll have to work hard. Exciting flights and other adventures are already waiting for you. You will fight in duels and the most dangerous magicians will be your opponents. Try to avoid their lightning's attacks not to get injured. You'll have so many things to learn. To acquire certain skills and abilities you will be taught to prepare potions of chemicals you've never seen before. Find a job that suits you and prove you can be good at everything. Feel the taste of the Magic Life from the very beginning. Perhaps, you'll become a tailor or a statistician. Maybe you can be a perfect veterinarian or somebody else. You have freedom to choose. Earn your first wages! You'll be able to have a break in the tavern here but don't forget about your aims! Don't miss your time and go on working soon after the rest. Magic Life doesn't mean an easy one. As you've just learnt all the rules you can start preparing yourself for the greatest adventure in your life!

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