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Magic Crystals
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Magic Crystals

Once upon a time there lived an Archmage who had the power over the Elements. Storms could be aroused, heavy rains could be brought and the whole nature was ruled by him. A special magical Scepter gave that power. It had 5 Magic Crystals, any of which was symbolic as they were responsible for one of each Element. Elemental Scepter provided its owner with unlimited powers thanks to the Crystals. Such a powerful thing was desirable for many people so the Archmage of Emmerance took care of it to keep harmony on the Earth forever. But nothing lasts long. Thieves came to the magic castle to grab Elemental Scepter. The place was full of special traps but even they couldn't stop the unfair men who got into the tower. The Scepter was in… The leader of the group saw it and touched the Scepter. Once he did it everything changed: Magic Crystals popped out and went away through the tower's windows. The thieves were so frightened that they escaped at once… But what did the Archmage do when he learned about the theft? What happened to the robbers? And where are Magic Crystals now? Being out of control they can cause damage to the world. There are so many questions for you to answer now! Don't waste your time - download the game Magic Crystals, learn the whole story, use your skills, logic and imagination to gather Magic Runes to make Magic Crystals disappear. Make chains of them to get good results and help the Archmage. Feel the unforgettable atmosphere of mystery with nice graphics and enjoy solving the riddles in the Match 3 game Magic Crystals!