The Lost Inca Prophecy - Prophecy Game

The Lost Inca Prophecy - Prophecy Game
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The Lost Inca Prophecy - Prophecy Game

Once upon a time there was an ancient civilization. There lived people who led calm and peaceful life, did their business and had rest in their prosperous land. Everything seemed to last forever. They even had their temple to worship the gods and pray for their health and happiness. Unfortunately, nothing can be so good for ages and now this territory and its inhabitants are in danger. So what will happen next? Will The Lost Inca Prophecy become true? It can't be so and that's why Acua, a brave man from those lands, decided to rescue people, their houses and everything that meant so much to them. But how are you going to take part in this action? If you want to do something really useful then read the rules attentively and start. First, you'll collect stones and axes and make lines of them - the longer the line is the more scores you get. Doing this you'll get prepared for the next level. Here you'll find yourself in one of the sacred temples and look for the objects which had been spoiled. This part of your journey is necessary to restore the order and avoid The Lost Inca Prophecy. Be quick completing the task as it's not the end of the story. All the objects will make you a favor soon! Acua and you have so much work now - rebuild the temples and reveal old secrets of the civilization. Your ideas and skills will help you solve the problems. Do your best and don't forget that you're doing a great deal! Try and concentrate to finish your adventure successfully. Download this game and learn more about The Lost Inca Prophecy.


Download The Lost Inca Prophecy - Prophecy Game Download The Lost Inca Prophecy - Prophecy Game Download The Lost Inca Prophecy - Prophecy Game


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System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0