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Pacific Liberation Force
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Pacific Liberation Force

Have you heard of Pacific Liberation Force? This is a new mission to be completed. El Presidente has prepared his people for the battle in the Pacific. He won't give up as he is determined to defeat all his enemies, his forces are of high quality and quite numerous. They have great experience and being well-prepared as well as well-equipped those soldiers will have advantage over the others. Nobody and nothing seem to stop them and they're ready to attack without any warning. When the army gets tired huge jets together with awful and frightening carriers will proceed. Step by step they'll increase their forces and become closer to the desirable victory. But if you can help, if you're brave enough to resist the whole army then Pacific Liberation Force is for you! But before you take up this task get ready for all sorts of war actions. The enemies are unfair and indifferent to your losses. You'll have to use every single chance and opportunity of the situation to make fast decisions which will lead you to the best results. You must be skillful not only to think but to control a helicopter. That's the main thing you should be able to do as the enemies are everywhere and you're to keep your eye open for them. It's easier to watch them from the height. With the weapons you have and the altitude you rich nobody can escape unnoticed. But mind the power you shoot with: you can even damage the whole villages. Each of 18 missions will be at your disposal in Pacific Liberation Force. Succeed in all of them and get perfect emotions from this war game!

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