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Tunes Jungle Adventure
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Tunes Jungle Adventure

What a miraculous opportunity is waiting for you ahead! To become a musician and a discoverer. That is simple with Tunes Jungle Adventure. You find yourself on a strange mysterious island with ancient totems and gods. The civilization is unfamiliar to you. The gods need your music to light the sun again and bring happiness and harmony back. You are here to help the people gain their major value back! This game is specially designed for those who like to create and compose. Whether you are looking for adventure, risk and dynamic actions or just want to create a couple of melodies - Tunes Jungle Adventure will thrill you. This is a competition for the best only. The more points you get the better the melody is. There are various types of melodies and tempos ahead so go through a tutorial and learn some basic rules for further excellent performance. The game process is both intriguing and entertaining. You are a real DJ in ancient surroundings and the rhythms will take you high! Tunes Jungle Adventure is a new breathtaking game full of challenges, checking your reaction, speed and ear for music. Enjoy the process of collecting notes and stars. Catch the tempo and don't forget to enjoy the process as the game relaxes rather than strings your nerves up. Still sometimes it gets really challenging. Just imagine you combine a kind of ear training with real enjoyment and fun. What activity can be compared to this! Feel free to download this game right now and become another Mozart in the middle of the jungle!