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Julia's Quest - United Kingdom
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Julia's Quest - United Kingdom

What do you usually get for your birthday? A cake with some candles? A card with money? New vacuum cleaner? No more boring presents - meet Julia, the main character of the mysterious game Julia's Quest - United Kingdom. Her grandfather presented her with his diary and a strange message which says that his beloved granddaughter has to visit all the places mentioned in his diary and thus finding the secret code to the bank cell with her most unusual present inside. Join courageous Julia in her wonderful trip to various places around the United Kingdom. You have to match similar tiles in the line of 3 or more to make them disappear. Thus, you make the upper tiles with some parts of the puzzle come down. In the game Julia's Quest - United Kingdom you have to release all parts of the riddle and put all pieces of the puzzle together during the last thrilling level. To make the game even more exciting numerous obstacles like frozen tiles and various power-ups like swift lightning appear. There are certainly more of them and you always get detailed and clear instructions with the new item appeared. The music is simply awesome - it helps to feel the atmosphere of mystery but doesn't frighten you at all. Would you like to know what is in store for Julia's birthday? What are you waiting for? Don't hesitate anymore! Download the excellent game Julia's Quest - United Kingdom totally for free right now and forget about boring birthday presents forever!