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Inca Ball
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Inca Ball

Do you like legends about ancient civilizations and their treasures? Are you thrilled by mysterious stories and secrets of the past? In the game Inca Ball you will have an opportunity to explore this captivating world and search for the Inca civilization's riches. When you start your journey you have 60 000 to buy some artifacts which will help you on your way. After you are equipped with these special power-ups you start playing. Move the pad with the ball and shoot it into the moving ones. You can clear three or more balls of the same color and thus win some points and money. Don't let them reach the skull or you will lose your life. To help you there are 15 different power-ups such as a chainbomb or a bombball that come in handy when you are in a difficult situation. To get these artifacts just click on them in the bottom panel. You have three lives and you can also win an extra one as a bonus or buy it with the earned money. Don't forget to swap the balls clicking with the right button on them and remember to catch bonuses to use their powers. When you clear all the balls you can buy some new artifacts and continue your exciting journey. The best part is that when you finish the game you will receive a prize. Want to know which one? Then download Inca Ball and find out! If you show some great results you will even find yourself in the hall of fame. The music is awesome and the graphics is very bright and eye-catching. Inca Ball is the best way to spend your break and have some rest!