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Hidden Jewel Adventure
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Hidden Jewel Adventure

Introducing Hidden Jewel Adventure, the one and the only puzzle game for real brainiacs. The legend says that there were times when tropical land was inhabited by fairytale creatures and they lived happily. One day an evil sorcerer came and made a spell that banished everyone. People tell that his harmful charm is maintained by a precious jewel hidden somewhere in the eternal volcano. You can find this jewel and remove the spell. Thus you will get rich and help good fairytale creatures to return to their home. You must solve all riddles to get this treasure. Those riddles are numerous. In several missions you have to make lines from 3 jewels of the same type - note that sometimes jewels are special or your field may be overrun by jewels coming from below. In other missions you have to solve push-puzzles where some pieces are immovable; however, other pieces are bonuses to help you. During the other missions you have to find hidden objects in a picture. There are also bonus stages just for fun. For every completed episode you gain a valuable trophy. Collect them all in your trophy room! The game is quite difficult, especially while coping with high levels, so you have your chance to develop puzzle-solving skill and attention. Hidden Jewel Adventure has pleasant and calm in-game music. Visuals are toon-like, bright and have pleasant colors. Gameplay is so good that it will grab your attention for hours and hours of puzzle-solving. Try it and entertain yourself! Download Hidden Jewel Adventure for free and gain the precious gemstone!

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