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Halloween Night. Pumpkin Match
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Halloween Night. Pumpkin Match

It was a spooky night when all the ghosts return to our world for revenge. The game Halloween Night. Pumpkin Match is based on a legend which appeared many years ago. It was passed from father to son. And no one knew the man who witnessed the events and told this legend first. Somewhere in the dark impassable forests, in a faraway deserted land, in the meadow at the foot of the stone there is a black house where a mysterious and sinister Pumpkin Jack lives. He runs a modest life. During the whole year he has only one holiday - Halloween. 364 days in a year he doesn't go out of his dark house. But once a year, just before his favourite holiday Halloween, Pumpkin Jack goes to the cemetery to hunt the souls of the dead! He calls them to change his residence and prepare for the celebration of Halloween. But not only souls help him renovate his house. Each year he chooses someone from the living people who would help him in this difficult task. To do this, he goes into the Internet looking for someone who would join him in Halloween celebration. And this time he chooses you! So click on the button to download the game Halloween Night. Pumpkin Match and take part in the preparations for this special occasion. You have no choice! You won't have to do anything complicated. You'll just move the pumpkins around putting them in rows of three. If you succeed – you'll get some points. But try to cope with the task in time. In the game Halloween Night. Pumpkin Match you are to deal with great number of pumpkins! So do your best not to displease Jack and have fun!