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Chucky And Gold Wastelands
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Chucky And Gold Wastelands

Get ready for a dangerous adventure together with a cute elephant Chucky in the dynamic game Chucky And Gold Wastelands! Both children and adults will love this exciting platformer. Try this game. Travel across the jungle and under water, visit caves and dungeons! Are you ready for a breathtaking and incredible adventure? Then help the little elephant Chucky overcome all obstacles in the game Chucky And Gold Wastelands! On your way you will meet dozens of enemies. You can kill some of them – just jump on them. But some enemies are very dangerous and you have to escape from them. You will meet pigeons, bats, moles, lions, piranhas, cramp fish and many others! Pay much attention to the carnivorous plants as they will shoot you with their poison. Three shots will be enough to kill you! At one of the levels you will deal with a poisonous tree which you can only blow up with 3 dynamites. During your journey you will face such obstacles as spears, moving platforms and deathful dark waters. Will you be fast and dexterous enough to overcome all of them? You have to calculate the trajectory and speed of your jumps very carefully! Don't forget to pick up kiwi fruit, pineapples and watermelons. They will not only give you points but can be necessary at some levels. Give 10 kiwi fruit to the Bird of Paradise and it will follow you to the cave and give you light. Help the little elephant to overcome all obstacles in the game Chucky And Gold Wastelands!